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Mother Goose

I have a Salvador Dali calendar in the dining room/office, which I just flipped to March this morning. I never understand what it all means, but yet I am drawn almost to the point of distraction. I probably should read up on the paintings. Someday. Last night I […]


I am a big ole sleepyhead today. Grey day. Out late last night. Not up very early this morning. Aching bones. Last night we went and saw Norbit at the theatre, the movie that cost Eddie Murphy the Oscar. Not a shining moment even on the Eddie Murphy […]

I Been Streeped

So I’ve been watching a lot of movies this weekend. It’s kinda funny. I think it’s part of my “process.” Because I am writing stories for the February BnM. I am editing stories for the February BnM. It’s almost February and I should be working on these stories […]