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If …

If I were doing Nanowrimo … which I am TOTALLY not 🙂 but IF I were … I would be at 21,037 words. If, you know. That’s kind of exciting. I’m living this story right now, writing in my sleep even. This is good. Good things will happen […]

Katt Lives!

A couple of weeks ago I started meeting with a couple of writing friends to workshop. We’ve been meeting once a week, and so far we’ve met twice with a third meeting set for this week. It’s doing wonders for me and my writing. When the idea first […]

These Dreams

In the dream I’m going to Toronto with Stacy. This, in and of itself, isn’t anything unusual. But in the dream we’re driving to Toronto in a 15 passenger van with Stacy’s cousin, Claude, and a group we met in the basement of a church in White Rapids. […]

Criminal Intent

For those readers who have been pining for stories of boys and bars, you’re about to get lucky! I am writing again for a small workshop group. Need to produce new material every week. So I’m taking up some of the old causes. Casting the net to see […]

Nanowrimo Time

There are some who say writing a novel takes awesome talent, strong language skills, academic training, and years of dedication. Not true. All it really takes is a deadline – a very, very tight deadline – and a whole lot of coffee. Welcome to National Novel Writing Month: […]

The Writer in Me

I think I should write a book about dating in the 21st century. Seriously. I KNOW it would be funny! Oh, and educational. For sure! It could start with, “A magician, a prison guard and a backslid Christian walk into a bar …” But seriously. I am putting […]

Here Comes Your Man

Listening to The Pixies. What a gorgeous morning! I need to find my way back to early mornings somehow this week. To do that I need to get to sleep before or shortly after midnight, and stop this 4 and 5am crap. I mean I’m in the bed, […]

My Generation

I have to go up home to stay the night two nights this week 😦 Last night I slept in the spare room because I was too lazy to make up my bed after I washed all my bedding. Strange new perspective sleeping in there. I think I’m […]

Den of Thieves

I’ve spent most of the weekend at the French Fort Cove Eco-Centre working the Mighty/BnM booth at the first annual Tourism Expo. It’s no secret I don’t like going to these trade shows. We’ve done the Lifestyles Show a couple of years at the Civic Centre, and we’ve […]