Category: weirdness

7 am: Eclipse

So there’s a full lunar eclipse happening now, or tonight, I haven’t been able to determine for sure. The information I read that Commander Hadfield posted on Facebook led me to believe the eclipse would be tonight as the moon rises, which would mean I would have a […]

Moon Dreams & Morning Fog

No 7 am photo today. Why? Because I slept in until nearly 8! Once upon a time getting up around 8 am would have been early, now it’s sleeping in. Funny how that happened. I blame this week’s impending full moon (tomorrow night I believe) for my tardiness […]

7am: Moon Dreamer

Strange dreams as I floated toward consciousness this morning. I think I might be watching too much reality television, particularly of the Real Housewife genre. Last night’s dreaming may have been further influenced by a show I watched right before falling asleep called Southern Charm. In the dream […]

Sukie in the Graveyard

I don’t need the Full Moon icon on my calendar to alert me to the fact that tomorrow is the night. Long-time readers know my sleep pattern is disrupted by the cycle and my dreams go off the charts around the full moon. Last night I went to […]

More Than a Feeling

When you’re not feeling the very best or you’re self-doubting or feeling insecure, affirmations really help. You know, just writing down “I’m having a great day!” or “I love myself!” over and over on a piece of paper is enough to swing your mood, change your mind, make […]


Jesus died for somebody’s sins, but not mine . . . The impending full moon wreaks havoc on my life. The dreams, babe! The freaking dreams! And as if they weren’t enough I’ve got all around anxiety and weirdness going on throughout the day. Some odd behaviour happening. […]


I am so sore in through my sides and legs. It’s from exercising on Monday. I always get sore the second day after, then I do it again and it goes away. So I guess I need to do some exercise today. Yesterday was a pretty good day. […]

To Each Her Own Zexy

I have an unnatural obsession with eating . . . and no, I probably don’t mean this in the way that you think, though yes, I probably also have it in the way you think. Do you remember that scene from Grease 2 where Michelle Pfeiffer gets a […]