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Dawn Comes Early

I am literally up at the crack of dawn this morning, despite not getting to bed until nearly 1 am. I must truly be feeling better. This morning my mom and four of my aunts, her sisters, are heading west to visit my other aunt, their other sister, […]

Just Another Snowy Monday

I had a bit of a lazy weekend. I just didn’t feel good, very achy and stiff, stomach cramps, and headache. I just wanted my warm fuzzy blanket and comfort food. So Saturday I made some mashed potatoes, hamburger and onions with gravy, and canned peas and carrots. […]

7 am: Sickness

I didn’t blog yesterday or take a 7 am photo. I was awake, but we had carried the mattress out to the living room and slept on the floor so that we could listen to CDs on the DVD player with the tv. So when I woke at […]


What is it with the wind? The howling around my windows grates on my last nerve. I keep looking out the window, watching the sky, the gulls fighting to stay in the air, the crashing waves on the ebbing tide, as if I expect something terrible to blow […]

Sunrise and Other Randomness

I watched the sunrise this morning. Sitting here listening to the Breakfast Club on C103 drinking my second cup of coffee. We’re having a special Bread ‘n Molasses magazine event this evening. A launch party for the February edition, a send-off for the band featured on the cover […]


I think blizzards have become the new lightning storm. If you know me at all you know I went through a disturbing period where I was obsessed with lightning and tornados and quite paranoid about storms. My anxiety during storms was almost unbearable. I’m not sure when it […]

Happy Anniversary to Me!

The day was half over before I looked at the calendar and noticed the date … October 22nd … Happy Anniversary to Me! On this day nearly 25 years ago I started dating my first serious boyfriend, my high school sweetheart. I remember the months leading up to […]

Been Sweltering & Busy

So we had a bit of a heatwave. My apartment was not a pleasant living/working environment for sure. I don’t mind heat, but humidity is not good. A few night’s this week I stayed up all night and worked rather than beat myself up about not being able […]


The humidity is high. How do I know this? My joints are swollen 😦 I hate that! Nevertheless I went to the gym today. Even though I have blisters on the pads of my feet the size of loonies and my head feels like it’s going to pop […]

Closing Time

Chilling in front of the A/C after brunch on a patio at a lovely restaurant. I had the Canadian bacon eggs benny with cajun potatoes, coffee and a mimosa. The eggs benny were not the stuff of legend Stacy and I still cannot speak of without drool puddling […]