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Don’t Stop Believin’

Sometimes I feel like taking the midnight train to anywhere . . . but not today! It’s too damn cold! I think. My apartment is kinda chilly. I think I need to crank up the oven, cook a roast or something. I’m distracted by Journey in the background. […]

Water Water

I’ve started drinking tap water. The plastic jugs are over-running the apartment and starting to drive me crazy. Note to visitors — if you want bottled water, from now on bring your own. FYI. Yes, the tap water is a bit skanky. I will probably invest in some […]

Foggy Morn

I can’t even see the river in this fog. And it’s freezing. I’m not really liking the freezing of this past week. It’s been hard to get up early in the cold. I wake up throw off the covers . . . and then climb back into the […]

Silly Dreams

I was dreaming something. Something bothersome. But then I got up and life sucked me in and the dream nagged a little, but couldn’t withstand hours of chats and phone calls and emails and other writings. It just wasn’t that strong. Oh well, it’s probably not important. Woke […]