Category: vacation

Dawn Comes Early

I am literally up at the crack of dawn this morning, despite not getting to bed until nearly 1 am. I must truly be feeling better. This morning my mom and four of my aunts, her sisters, are heading west to visit my other aunt, their other sister, […]

One Down, 24 to Go

I have crossed something else off my life list! Earlier this week a bright shiny new Canadian passport with my name on it arrived by priority post! Yes! I am a woman who can now leave her home and native land to seek adventure elsewhere. Where might I […]

Everybody Knows

It’s been a day. I woke up to heavy wet snow, almost ice pellets, type weather, so I called F at Rogers and begged to reschedule my interview. Instead we opted for him to come to my place and film me in front of my bookcase, with my […]

It Ain’t Me, Babe

Johnny & June doing a little Bob Dylan reminds me I still do not own Walk the Line on dvd. Must remedy that situation. It’s a crazy kinda weather day. A little creepy, these howling winds, very Stephen King. I had hoped to get out today and pick […]

Self-Imposed Blogging Break

So I haven’t blogged all week, not since last Friday. I’m really busy with work and feeling a bit under the weather besides. But still here. Still around. Just taking a bit of a self-imposed blogging break. This weekend I had wanted to go to the Irish Festival, […]