Dawn Comes Early

I am literally up at the crack of dawn this morning, despite not getting to bed until nearly 1 am. I must truly be feeling better. This morning my mom and four of my aunts, her sisters, are heading west to visit my other aunt, their other sister, in Calgary for a week. I am... Continue Reading →

Miramichi, Atlantic Canada’s Great Outdoors

A lot of people don't know this, but back in the day I did a gig with what was the early incarnation of the Miramichi River Tourism Association (MRTA). It was an administrative type position, acting as the Liaison for the Village of Blackville. It was kind of a new thing for me. I had done... Continue Reading →

One Down, 24 to Go

I have crossed something else off my life list! Earlier this week a bright shiny new Canadian passport with my name on it arrived by priority post! Yes! I am a woman who can now leave her home and native land to seek adventure elsewhere. Where might I go? What might I do? And when... Continue Reading →

Everybody Knows

It's been a day. I woke up to heavy wet snow, almost ice pellets, type weather, so I called F at Rogers and begged to reschedule my interview. Instead we opted for him to come to my place and film me in front of my bookcase, with my books. This was better than going out.... Continue Reading →

It Ain’t Me, Babe

Johnny & June doing a little Bob Dylan reminds me I still do not own Walk the Line on dvd. Must remedy that situation. It's a crazy kinda weather day. A little creepy, these howling winds, very Stephen King. I had hoped to get out today and pick up a few groceries. I am addicted... Continue Reading →

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