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Hillbilly Ninja

Jay’s job got rained out Tuesday, so he was home by 1pm. He likes to crash on the couch when he gets home early and veg in front of redneck tv shows like Jerry Springer, Steve Wilco & Cheaters. I usually keep on working, trying not to let […]


Jay got home early yesterday, before 4pm. I was still on the computer working, just thinking that I needed to get my butt in gear, shut down, shower, get dressed, do dishes and laundry, get ready for supper and an evening of wrestling. He was glad to be […]

Monday is the New Sunday

I’m on a roll, writing 750+ words for 5 days straight, blogging the other day on another site and now here I am again. I think Monday is becoming the new Sunday for me. It used to be that Sunday was “MY” day, the day I’d cook something […]

Thoughts on 2010

Well it’s a brand new year. 2010! Imagine that! So far so good … We didn’t do much over the holidays, watched a lot of movies, ate some good food, drank a bit. We didn’t go to Alabama like we were supposed to because it made more sense […]

Sleeping in Georgia

I just watched Sleepless in Seattle with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. A classic for sure, but never one of my favourites. I remember watching it on VHS with Kevin for the first time. It was close to when I was leaving for the last time. I probably […]

The Next Stage

I’m a late bloomer I guess. My teens & 20s were all about having fun, exploring, trying everything at least once. Nothing was ever permanent. Nothing lasted. And really that’s the way I liked it. Even though there was a lot of drama, even though there was a […]

Times They Are A Changing

I’ve got to really watch my Internet usage from now on. We’re allowed 5G per month (it gets reset on the 16th) and already we’re almost at 3MB … this is not good! They charge 25 cents per KB or something when you go above. So from now […]

Not Exactly Regular Programming

Ok, so I’m not exactly blogging up a storm here, I know, but hey, life is … hectic, chaotic, busy … and really, really good. What more is there to say? I’ve been trying to settle in, clean this place up, DECLUTTER!!!! But my sweetie is a packrat […]

Back in the Saddle Again

It’s chilly this morning so I’m sitting here wrapped up in the huge scarf that Elizabeth gave me last night. She knits and crochets and had a whole bag full of different ones for me to pick from. The one I chose is very long and multi-coloured, purples, […]

Sunday Night

I wish I could just turn off my brain and go to sleep like a normal person. I wish I had some kind of knock out drug. I have nothing. Some ancient Pepto bismol in the fridge. Not enough wine to induce coma. And I want to induce […]