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Her house taken out the back window

Spend, Save, Save, Spend, Spend, Spend

My cost cutting efforts continue … didn’t do too bad for the second week, lowered the overall total from the week before though didn’t quite accumulate as much in savings total. Got some fabulous deals though! Shopping began mid-week when we had to head out to Ingle’s to […]

Becoming a Qpon Qutie

So last week my sweetie was spending a lot of time in the trackhoe, digging, staying cool in the a/c, and listening to the radio. He called me and told me he heard an interesting interview with a woman who lives right close in Conyers. When she and […]

Still On Track

I think I’m on week three of low carb living and so far so good, have not even been tempted to indulge in anything starchy or sugary. This despite being invited to dinner at Ron’s on Saturday night. He grilled rib eyes and served with baked potatoes and […]

Living La Vida Low Carb!

My husband can cook … and he does! Lots! I’ve always wanted a man who could cook, but this could be a case of be careful what you wish for cuz it might come true. You see, the things my sweetie can cook really well and the things […]

Low Carb Day #2

Yesterday morning I was so tired when the alarm went off. For some reason I couldn’t sleep Monday night, no anxiety or anything like that, just a lot of energy or something. Jay fell asleep almost immediately but I laid there watching the end of wrestling, then an […]

Low Carb Run Down Day 1

Despite having my husband home all day due to rain, I actually didn’t do too bad in my quest to eat low-carb yesterday. He, on the other hand, totally sucked the big one by having numerous cocktails beginning pretty early & lasting throughout the day. Whiskey & Sprite. […]

Same Old, Same Old

Not much going on in my life this week, which is why I haven’t been blogging. I’ve been very focused on work & getting things done early in the day, so I can turn off the computer and clean for a few hours before Jay gets home from […]

Wild Weekend

Last night me and Grammie sat at the picnic table having supper in the sun (burritos Jay made with ground beef & deer) and she told me she was quite concerned Saturday night when the thunder woke her up. I was a little freaked out at that time […]

Vacay Day

I’m not really blogging twice today because I had started the Hillbilly Ninja post yesterday morning when all of a sudden Jay came home from work. He decided to take an unscheduled vacation day rather than spend another 8 hours just trying to get the time in standing […]