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Virginia Bound (Part III)

(…continued from Part II…) Jay basically knew how to get to Virginia from Georgia and other than a minor episode first thing where we missed our junction and ended up driving 35mph through towns for an hour, he did okay. He’s driven that route a lot in the […]

Virginia Bound (Part II)

(…continued from Part I…) We really should have cleaned our windshield before we left on this trip; it was filthy 🙂 North Carolina is Nascar country. Jay told me we’d pass right by the speedway in Charlotte, which was kind of true … but not really. I took […]

Virginia Bound (Part I)

Where to even begin about this crazy move to VA! I guess just start at the beginning … Last week was a CRAZY week! I mean freaking CRAZY! I thought Jay was going to go out of his mind trying to get everything taken care of before it […]

Moving, Trial Run

One of Jay’s main priorities since we found out we’d definitely be going to Virginia has been to get Grammie into a good spot in the park, so on Sunday morning we all moved from A Section, which is right beside the Interstate, back to C Section where […]

Birthday Week in Review (Part III)

…continued from Part II… Yes, the closer we got to home, the better my hun started to feel, as you can plainly see from watching this little video I took of him. 😀 If you think that’s bad you should hear his rendition of Roxanne … he’s no […]

Birthday Week in Review (Part II)

…continued from Part I… Our movies had to be back by 4:30pm on Saturday, but since we weren’t ever going to watch them and Jay wanted to go souvenir shopping, we walked back to the main office/ gift shop early in the afternoon. The gift shop clerk/ video […]

Birthday Week In Review (Part I)

I turned 41 last Tuesday. FORTY-ONE!!! Where the hell does the time go?! My sweetie had done really well remembering my birthday … right up until Tuesday … when he promptly got distracted & stressed by work and forgot all about it. I think it’s a Leo thing, […]

Another Week in Review

Last week was kind of a rough one for me. My period had been due to arrive the week before on Tuesday, so by last Tuesday I was a week late. Jay was all excited because he thought I might be pregnant and I’d told him we’d get […]

Weekly Update

It was not a great week for shopping. I guess people have more money at the first of the month so stores have no incentive to have really good sales … so I’m learning by reading other people’s couponing blogs & based on how much we spent this […]