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Race Weekend (Part IV)

Finally! Right? I just know you all have been waiting on baited breath for me to get to the damn race already! 🙂 Well, unfortunately the race part of our day was not the most exciting. I had kind of gotten pumped up for it by listening to […]

Race Weekend (Part III)

Going to the pits was not at all like I expected. For some reason I thought we’d be walking around garages, get to see drivers crews, have tons to see … but basically we just walked around the track and saw where all the drivers pits were. Some […]

Race Weekend (Part II)

They packed us into fields like cans of sardines. By the time we arrived there were already thousands of people tailgating in the parking lots. I tweeted that I’d died and gone to redneck hell, but John quickly corrected me, if I was truly in redneck hell I […]

Race Weekend (Part I)

This past weekend I went to my first ever Nascar race in Richmond. Jay’s Uncle Bob flew in from New Brunswick on Friday night to spend the weekend with us and go to the race. Friday was a crazy busy day. I got up with Jay when he […]

Random Characters & Stuff

I have some random pics of people & stuff that I’ve been taking and haven’t posted yet. Jay’s been buying these half pints of beer since we got to Virginia. I think they’re called ponies. Anyway, I’d never seen them before and just thought they were so freaking […]

Second Hand News

Two weekends ago we went to Deb & Dana’s place to take a look at their 2002 Montana Fifth Wheel that they have for sale. It hadn’t been cleaned up since the last time they used it a couple of years ago, so excuse any dirt or mess. […]

Week 2 in VA Begins

It was a very quiet week around here. It’s relatively quiet when all the seasonal campers are here on weekends, but during the week … Wow! The silence can be deafening. I’m so not used to this having lived about 8 months right alongside I-20. There aren’t even […]

Early Days in Virginia

Despite having stayed up long past our usual bedtime on Friday night, Jay was up bright and early Saturday morning. At 7am he insisted I get up as we had a lot of stuff to do. Wearily I got up and made a cup of tea. It wasn’t […]

Virginia Bound (Part IV)

(…continued from Part III) Jay and I sidle up to the counter, tell the old lady who we are and that we have one camping spot and one cabin reserved. I explain that I spoke to someone earlier in the week on the phone, that we’ll be here […]