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Go West! (Part II: Tennessee)

It never even occurred to me to take any shots of the Atlanta city skyline as we whipped past on the highway. I like Georgia … in the country … and I really love Savannah, but Atlanta is the most depressing & uninspired city I’ve ever seen (well, […]

A few recent pics …

A few weeks ago we went to Savannah … We didn’t stay downtown this year, got a really good deal in Midtown instead, but we did take a drive downtown through all the parks and of course down River Street. I only took pics from this drive on […]

Couponing Again!

Just got back from shopping. Spent $113.34 … Here’s what we got:  Pantene Pro-V mousse, Pantene Pro-V detangler, 2 pkgs Always maxi-pads, bottle of Tide laundry detergent, 8-roll package of Bounty papertowels, Dawn ulta dish detergent, Colgate Total toothpaste, Tone body wash, 2 jugs Fab laundry detergent, 2 […]

Leaving Rainbow Acres

Life has changed dramatically in the last week and a half … About two weeks ago my hun came home from work disturbed because one of the VNG guys had told him that his supervisor, Stan, was actively setting him up to be the fall guy for why […]

Virginia Beach

For Thanksgiving we decided to go to Virginia Beach for a couple of days. We had tossed around the idea of going to New York City and attending the Macy’s parade, but in the end I was really sick with a bronchial type infection so I wasn’t willing […]

This & That

Wednesday night (or was it Thursday … all the days run together here) Jay worked until 9pm. He called to tell me he would be leaving for home soon and then about 15 minutes later he called back to tell me they had a change in plans. Jenny […]

867-5309 …

There’s a new character in the campground that I haven’t really introduced to you yet. Her name is Jenny (I think, it could also be Ginny because I’m not sure if that’s just the Kentucky accent coming out in Joey when he pronounces it or what) … I’m […]

Happy Belated & Early Thanksgiving

This weekend was closing weekend at Rainbow Acres Campground. This means all the seasonal campers have winterized their campers and now they probably won’t be back until spring. A few will still come in from time to time throughout the winter (at an extra charge of $5/person/night), but […]