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Go West! (Part IX: Vegas Day 1)

We got to Jay’s folks house and I met my in-laws in person for the first time. I probably should have been nervous and normally would have been if I hadn’t been so tired and out of sorts. I don’t really like staying in strangers’ houses, where you […]

Go West! (VII: Utah)

When Jay decided we needed to stay another day in Grand Junction in order to figure out the work situation I looked up the weather for the next day and warned him that if we stayed we definitely run into rain and maybe even some snow in the […]

Go West! (VIc: Colorado)

So we settled into our room around noon (complete with Direct TV, HBO & everything, I must add!) and then we went out for a drive around Grand Junction to get the lay of the land. When Dawg got off work he came over to the hotel and […]

Go West! (Part VIb: Colorado)

In retrospect I do wish we had decided to stay in Denver for the night because once we entered the mountains the sun seemed to set really quickly and I’m very disappointed with the pictures, they just don’t do it justice at all. It didn’t take very long […]

Go West! (Part V: Nebraska)

The Nebraska sign came up really quick after we got off the too narrow bridge, so I missed it for a pic. Our destination was Beatrice, a small city that Jay & John lived in for a few years before they went to Georgia to work. The plan […]

Go West! (Part III: Kentucky)

The landscape through Kentucky changed considerably from what I was used to in Georgia and Tennessee. A highlight of the drive through Kentucky for me was being this close (although not getting to visit) to Elizabethtown. I’ve taken pictures of Elizabethtown signs before … but never when I […]