These Dreams

And the dreams continue. Gawd! It's hard to get any real rest when everyone you've ever met in your life and many you haven't decide to drop into the middle of your brain and share their deepest most meaningful stories. Bah! In one of the numerous dreams from last night I was visiting with a... Continue Reading →

We Get On

I'm having difficult sleeping. Getting to sleep. Staying asleep. Getting any rest with all the dreams swirling in my brain. Yes, there was a moon this week, not to mention a lunar eclipse, which we all know I'm highly influenced by. Still that's not all that's going on. I seem to be bothered. A few... Continue Reading →

Hello Again

So last night I slept in my own bed for the first time in three weeks. Sunday night I slept on the futon, I was just too wired, stayed up too late, too restless . . . Anyway, last night with a frost warning in effect I put on my fuzzy sheets, grabbed a book... Continue Reading →

Sex and Anarchy

Nothing says good morning like Sid Vicious. I have been busy. Blog neglectful. I am working so hard. It's overwhelming. But not paralytic. I keep on keeping on. I can't wait for the moment when I can catch my breath. Soon. Fingers crossed. Busy week coming up, lots of events, appointments, meetings, gatherings, and the... Continue Reading →

Foggy Morn

I can't even see the river in this fog. And it's freezing. I'm not really liking the freezing of this past week. It's been hard to get up early in the cold. I wake up throw off the covers . . . and then climb back into the fuzzy sheets as fast as I can... Continue Reading →

Back Again

I've returned from spending time with family this weekend. Got to see my dog, my kids, my parents, sisters and brothers-in-law. It was good, despite me being sick. I got a wok and a new pair of exercise/walking pants at the Yard Sale. J&J raised a whopping $1,000 for the JDRF walk on June 3rd!!... Continue Reading →

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