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Walking Through Ashes in Eden

I went to Sackville on Saturday to hear a talk given by a friend who attended a week long workshop in Colorado last year by the author of Women Who Run With the Wolves. I have been out of the creative scene for years now, and honestly I […]

What About Love

“Don’t you want someone to care about you?” My first instinct, “Of course, that’s a silly question!” My second thought, “Someone does care about me.” My third pondering, “Are you behaving like a person who doesn’t want someone to care about you?” My fourth question, “You do want […]

If …

If I were doing Nanowrimo … which I am TOTALLY not 🙂 but IF I were … I would be at 21,037 words. If, you know. That’s kind of exciting. I’m living this story right now, writing in my sleep even. This is good. Good things will happen […]

Katt Lives!

A couple of weeks ago I started meeting with a couple of writing friends to workshop. We’ve been meeting once a week, and so far we’ve met twice with a third meeting set for this week. It’s doing wonders for me and my writing. When the idea first […]

Criminal Intent

For those readers who have been pining for stories of boys and bars, you’re about to get lucky! I am writing again for a small workshop group. Need to produce new material every week. So I’m taking up some of the old causes. Casting the net to see […]


I am a big ole sleepyhead today. Grey day. Out late last night. Not up very early this morning. Aching bones. Last night we went and saw Norbit at the theatre, the movie that cost Eddie Murphy the Oscar. Not a shining moment even on the Eddie Murphy […]