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Not a good day to begin a fast. Maybe I can do some prep to begin next week? Maybe. Yeah, that’s a solid plan. Too much on the go mental-wise at this time on so many levels to focus on such a task. It’s supposed to be a […]


So for awhile now I’ve wanted to do a cleansing fast. It may even be on my list of 101 things to do. I should check. There are some things on that list that I have to scratch off as impossible because they are Sackville related and I […]

Time Cures All

Thank the Goddess! The pain situation improves. The flare is not completely over. And I’m so rarely totally pain-free that I remember those days like special occasions. But I am much improved today, and I haven’t degenerated into a two-handed door opener, which was my fear. I noticed […]

Born to be Fit

So last week I started using this website called Fitday ( to keep track of everything I put into my mouth, how many calories I burn daily, what nutrients I’m lacking, how much exercise I get, etc. Stacy put me onto this site. I had used it before […]