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2015 Goals Exercise

On Tuesday it was goal setting day at my work but I didn’t go because I was just too wiped out from the travel storm stuck fiasco to get my head on straight enough to attend. Even though I didn’t go I wanted to do the exercise so […]

7 am: Sickness

I didn’t blog yesterday or take a 7 am photo. I was awake, but we had carried the mattress out to the living room and slept on the floor so that we could listen to CDs on the DVD player with the tv. So when I woke at […]

My first attempt at Katie's Healthy Chocolate Chip Blondies.

Springing Forward

I’ve been in a bit of a seasonal slump with all this snow, snow, more freaking snow! But an unusual thing happened last weekend when the time sprang forward. Usually this really knocks the wind out of my sails and I really feel the loss of that extra […]

I’m Okay … The Blog Rides Again!

It has been exactly two years and one month since I have written anything here. I’ve been writing elsewhere, or more often, not at all. There are two things I know for sure with regard to my writing or blogging. I don’t write when I’m gloriously super happy […]

Taking Stock of 2008

‘Tis the season! Every year I write goals for myself and post them on my blog around the New Year. I look back at the end of the year and assess my development, then write new goals for the coming year. I guess I’ve always been goal-oriented but […]

Wii Will Rock You

Well it’s that time of the year again when I’m possessed by the spirit of consumerism and start buying everything in sight! I’ve got all my Christmas shopping done and now I’ve started buying stuff for me. I’ve been a good girl all year … haven’t I? I […]

Seasonal Stuff

Odd weather on the river today. One minute thunder and lightning, the next I’m all fogged in. The higher temperature has been resting in my fingers and hips all week. But it’s dropping now again, so there will be more climate adjustment in my joints and then I […]

Oh Wouldn’t It Be Nice

Well a handful of non-drowsy cold meds, half a bottle of hot sauce, 4L of water, and one sleepless night later I emerge with more energy and lust for life than I’ve had all week. I now pronounce myself CURED! Of course, just as I’m immersing myself in […]


I’ve been having a week. Feeling like crap on crack. Crap to the 10th power. Just crap. So this morning I woke up feeling no better, but the sun was out at least which is something. I got up, showered, made coffee, boiled the kettle for my neti […]


I have a cold or something. Sore throat. Chest filled up. Pain around my eyes. No doubt a result of running around barefoot in the wet grass Friday night. Will I never learn? I really need to buy me some styling rubber boots. Because I didn’t sleep Sunday […]