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I had a bunch of them, yesterday. Some pretty good A-Ha moments. But it kinda all came back to the same thing, and that’s that I’m okay. No, I mean REALLY okay. You know I’ve been climbing the rungs on this ladder of self-awareness and growth for about […]

Happy Christmas!

I’m so over Merry y’all. It’s days past the big day and I’m just getting into it. Well, maybe I’m not getting into the Christmas thing at all, just the New Year thing, but no matter my belly is fluttery with butterflies and I’m excited about life! Maybe […]

On Any Given Day

I went shopping last nite. Word to the wise: Do not go shopping when you’re having a sweet tooth moment! All last week, every frigging day, I craved ice cream, chocolate bars, and multi-grain Tostitoes. And every day last week I refrained from going out to the Petro […]