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1000 Actions Challenge

An interesting thing happened this evening. I decided to sign up to take a 1000 Actions Challenge on a Message Board I’m part of. The concept is that procrastination is a result of inaction, therefore there can be no procrastination in action only inaction. To reach big goals […]

Opportunity Knocks

This morning my feet hit the floor at 6am again in one swift motion with the act of turning the alarm clock off. And did I EVER want to go back to bed! Oy! I was so groggy I had to read my checklist to see what I […]

Curing Procrastination

“You can’t escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” – Abraham Lincoln This quote came to me in one of the emails I get from my new favourite website Yes, I know some of you are getting sick of me and SparkPeople, but I don’t […]

MindStorming (20 Ideas)

What can I do to reach my target weight within one year? 1. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.2. Eat 1200-1550 calories everyday.3. Go for a walk everyday.4. Strength exercise at least three times per week.5. Sleep 8 hours per night.6. Meditate every day.7. Listen […]


Up late last night, working and stuff, nearly 3am by the time I got into bed, later than that by the time I fell asleep. Up at 8:45 this grey cool morn. I’m not such a big fan of working into the wee hours anymore. I honestly never […]