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I’m Okay … The Blog Rides Again!

It has been exactly two years and one month since I have written anything here. I’ve been writing elsewhere, or more often, not at all. There are two things I know for sure with regard to my writing or blogging. I don’t write when I’m gloriously super happy […]

Never Let Me Down Again

Definitely starting to physically come around to my old self now. Last night I stayed up until after 2am reading. This morning I was awake at 7. When I naturally fall back to 5 hours sleep I know I’m feeling better. So I finished reading the first of […]

Learning to Fly

Earlier this afternoon I happened to be in my room when housekeeping came, so we got to talking as she straightened out my mess and left me many bonus treats. I told her I was a journalist. And I was shocked how easily this response came from my […]

On the Road Again

Ok, so I’m off and God willing I’ll somehow get online in Moncton and be able to tell you all about my exploits and adventures. I am armed with a laptop . . . which I have some doubts about . . . but no time to think […]


When you can’t think of a title and the song currently playing is “Maneater” by Nelly Furtado and you’re not really feeling like much of a maneater at the moment, what do you do? Untitle the damn post and get on with the business of writing it. So […]


If I could turn and meet myself as I was then,gaze into that solemn face, those unblinking eyes,I suppose I’d laugh until I cried, then laugh again. — from The Kookaburra’s Song Let the laughter begin! I actually got an email from Coach Steele this morning asking me […]

Ring of Fire

. . . down, down, down, and the flames went higher and it burns, burns, burns . . . I do enjoy a little Johnny Cash. I feel like I’m in a ring of fire a lot of the time. Stress, anxiety, and all that fun stuff. Just […]

Say It Right

And finally some freaking sleep! Seven hours of almost uninterrupted pure bliss. Today I feel like I can do anything. The invincible Kel! Or rather, Kel the Invincible! Sunshine and all that there good stuff on top. Icing! So I got all my books put into the bookcase […]

Aching Muscles

Two for two on the daily walk thing for this week. Last night was easier than the first. Climbed the steeper, longer hill last night. Will switch it up again next time to incorporate the two steeper, longer hills. Aye! My calf muscles! This is a good kind […]