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The Road Less Travelled

One of the biggest decisions I ever made happened in the 1990’s when I was in my early 20’s. I had a really great job at an up and coming large tech start-up in Toronto that had already made its young entrepreneur owners into millionaires but would net […]

Words on Water July 18th, 2017

Our last Words on Water event for Irish Festival happened a couple of weeks ago and I think it went over really well. I had a really enjoyable evening reconnecting with my creative side and seeing people I hadn’t seen in awhile. It is so good for my […]

From the Gut

I ran into an old friend this week at the grocery store. I hadn’t seen her in ages. I was the Maid of Honour in her wedding last year, and that was likely the last time we laid eyes on one another, though we had occasionally texted after. […]

Change is in the Air

I’m bringing my site back to what it was originally intended, a place where I can share my creativity, try new forms of writing, challenge myself to create new works of fiction, and really just focus on life as a creative human being … my life as a writer.

Bless Me Readers …

… for I have sinned. It has been three long days since I have blogged … I went up home Thursday evening to spend the weekend and be the Maid of Honour in a friend’s wedding. It was a small church ceremony ¬†with a little gathering at their […]

I’m Okay … The Blog Rides Again!

It has been exactly two years and one month since I have written anything here. I’ve been writing elsewhere, or more often, not at all. There are two things I know for sure with regard to my writing or blogging. I don’t write when I’m gloriously super happy […]

Lucky Star

Full moon again tomorrow night and let me tell you I knows it! Oh the dreams, the dreams, the dreams! I just want to go to bed and stay there until it’s over. My dreams are much more interesting than my real life. I’ve been in Toronto all […]


You make me feel something like summertimeTop down ain’t nothing but timeRadio’s on and you’re by my sideFeels something like summertimeLike that first slow dance and that first long kissThere ain’t nothing baby better then thisIt’s like a beach blanket and a bottle of wineIt feels something like […]

First We Take …

Last night’s birthday celebration turned into Kellie’s Pub Crawl 2008. Me, my sister (and DD), and two friends I haven’t seen in awhile and always enjoy hanging out with. We started at Boston Pizza with BIG salads and desserts. And drinks (at least for me … one Cosmo, […]