And So It Is

Just like you said it should be ... I can't take my eyes off you ... Despite the tunes, I'm having a pretty fantastic day so far. It is a grey rainy morning, perfect for Damien Rice and moody reflection, but I'm not getting sucked in! I will not submit! I will not submit!I rolled... Continue Reading →


Ten degrees at 9am. High of 18 predicted for today. Chance of thundershowers in the forecast. Despite all the rumours to the contrary, summer is really going to come! Last night was one of those gorgeous nights, not too cold, calm, no bugs, not too dark . . . I could have stayed out all... Continue Reading →

Marching Onward and Upward

Yesterday was a really good day for me. I know Sunday generally is a good day, that's why I love them, but yesterday was particularly good. I accomplished everything I wanted-- got over 10,000 steps and nearly 1500 words and ate right and exercised and all that kind of good stuff. This morning I weighed... Continue Reading →

Angel of Harlem

A sunny Sunday morning. It is Easter and I'm home alone, no eggs, no chocolate, no roast pork with mashed potatoes, gravy, baked carrots, and certainly no apple crisp or pie of any kind. When you can't trust yourself not to partake, just stay home! No, I'm kidding. I just really had too much to... Continue Reading →

Rocket Man

Today was the first day this week that I didn't have any appointments or meetings or places I had to go, the first day I got to stay home all day. My kitchen is thanking me for staying in! Had some time to get caught up on some overdue household chores that needed doing. This... Continue Reading →

Crash, Boom, Bang

Blogging and merlot, not a good combo 🙂 I went to bed fairly early last night, well before midnight. Around 2:30 I was awakened by the sound of screaming snowmobiles. They were circling the building for some reason, maybe trying to find a path down to the river, though it's pretty much a sheer cliff... Continue Reading →

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