If We Make it Through December

I know there's just a few days of 2014 left but I really want to see the back of it and turn the page. I've had this song stuck in my head all day. Oh if we can just make it ... I am starting to make plans for 2015 already. The past few years I have... Continue Reading →

A Girl with a Vision

This weekend I took the time to do something I've wanted to do for a very long time now. I made a Vision Board! Yes, it took several hours and the end result isn't perfect, but I did it! I used a free online program from Oprah that was super easy to use and created an... Continue Reading →

Springing Forward

I've been in a bit of a seasonal slump with all this snow, snow, more freaking snow! But an unusual thing happened last weekend when the time sprang forward. Usually this really knocks the wind out of my sails and I really feel the loss of that extra hour of sleep for weeks after, but... Continue Reading →

A Favourite Recipe

Recently I discovered that I really like eggplant. I started fooling around with it in all different kinds of dishes, but when I made an Eggplant Chicken Lasagna I was smitten. I love, love, love, this stuff! I swear I can only make it for pot luck type dinners because otherwise I kill myself eating... Continue Reading →

Create Your Own Weight Loss Plan

Since I quit smoking seven years ago I've had an ongoing battle with my weight. In the beginning I ballooned to a very large size 18 or  1x. I often tell people it was like my metabolism didn't just quit working but actually started doing the opposite of what it always had. No matter what... Continue Reading →


So I found a sister and my brother called me, I'm good to go! My brother and I are going to go downtown to the parade this afternoon and then to Ritchie Wharf for awhile. His girlfriend has to work until 4pm, so he's kinda on his own today too. It'll be nice to get... Continue Reading →

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