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I’m a real slow mover today. Both legs still semi-swollen. After 12 hours standing on concrete and the 20+ minute walk home my legs had swollen so much I was worried I wouldn’t get my pants off without cutting them. I laid with my feet elevated for a […]

The Condition Worsens

So I took everything I have, sinus, pain and otherwise . . . nada! I just want to rip my head off. That might do it. Is this hay fever? Spring allergies? What the frig! It’s definitely sinus, though I’ve no stuffyness, no nasal drip. I’ve just got […]


I bought a box of girl guide cookies to support my niece in Brownies. The original kind, not the mint ones. I always liked the original ones best, especially the vanilla flavour, but alas like everything else in the world, Girl Guide cookies have changed 😦 They’re not […]

AGM Weekend

I left Thursday morning for Sackville and a weekend of writerly activities. I stayed up late (2’ish) the night before trying to get as much work done as I could before I had to go. I got up early Thursday (5’ish) and printed off some stories to read, […]

The First Supper

I moved exactly 2 months and 1 week ago today. And yesterday I had my first supper in my new apartment. Yes, there have been meals here. I even had my brother and his girlfriend over for a birthday supper celebration. But even that wasn’t a “real” supper […]

Panic Attacks

If you’re having a good day . . . do not read on as I’ll suck you into my negative force field. If you’re having a bad day . . . definitely do not read on as you’ll never find your way back to the light if you […]

Round & Round

Had a good weekend with the kids. They were pretty well behaved. Little fighting, nothing much. Overall they’re quiet, no running around and so on, content to play cards at the table, watch movies in the bedroom, and play video games on the computer. The Missus won all […]

(You Want To) Make a Memory

Hello again it’s you and mekinda always like it used to besipping winekilling timetrying to solve life’s mysteries . . . Hmm, I think he sees me in his dreams too! Listen here. Brand new, just released to radio today. Album drops in June. Will there be another […]

What is the colour of love?

Today was one of those days where I quite simply ate everything in sight. The day after the mega-hangover is generally like that. Nachos with cheese, french fries, fish, yeah, it might not seem like a lot, but trust me, it is. I spent most of the day […]


I am a big ole sleepyhead today. Grey day. Out late last night. Not up very early this morning. Aching bones. Last night we went and saw Norbit at the theatre, the movie that cost Eddie Murphy the Oscar. Not a shining moment even on the Eddie Murphy […]