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When marimba rhythms start to playDance with me, make me swayLike a lazy ocean hugs the shoreHold me close, sway me more Like a flower bending in the breezeBend with me, sway with easeWhen we dance you have a way with meStay with me, sway with me Other […]

Rocking the OJ!

And so ends my foray into the world of detox. SIGH. Don’t I feel better now? This morning I had some multi-grain Cheerios and skim milk with my banana/strawberry fruit breakfast staple. And the best part! The absolute freaking best part! . . . I HAD COFFEE! Italian, […]

Whatever Gets You Through the Day

Haven’t been myself this week. I need to go outside. I’m too much inside my head . . . again! So I’m heading downtown this afternoon for some shopping. I want bacon. In particular I want a BLT sandwich. Yeah. I think I need to take care of […]

On Any Given Day

I went shopping last nite. Word to the wise: Do not go shopping when you’re having a sweet tooth moment! All last week, every frigging day, I craved ice cream, chocolate bars, and multi-grain Tostitoes. And every day last week I refrained from going out to the Petro […]

Til We’re Not Strangers Anymore

Had a good day at the Mighty office yesterday. It’s always good to connect with everyone and spend time there. One can go a little crazy when one tries to function solo for too long. The mind can wander, invent scenarios, make you paranoid 🙂 Mondays are hard […]

New Addictions

I am addicted to Wasa Multigrain Crispbread. They are fantabulous!! And I’m not even kidding. I had tried the Ryvita Dark Rye Crispbread before but found it lacking. I wasn’t that impressed. So then right before I took off to Barnbonia I had purchased the Wasa brand. Then […]

Real Jerk

I made jerk chicken tacos/nachos for dinner (because I thought I had three taco shells, but I only had two) and they were superb! I tried a new jerk sauce I found at the SuperValu in the International section. A little dab will do ya! This is hot […]


The tightness in my sinuses disappeared and I awoke to a runny nose and much sneezing. Still some pain around my eyes, but mostly just over my right eye, so I think it’s more migraine than sinus related. The dam has broken! Let the drainage begin! So last […]

Craving Salsa

My bones say a weather change is enroute. Maybe even snow, says my dad and Environment Canada. Yeah . . . won’t that be lovely? NOT! This evening I am craving salsa and those multi-grain tortilla chips. I love those! They are the devil. Of course, I’ve never […]

Choppy Water

Another cold grey morning. Rain. Rough winds on the water. Birds fighting to get downriver. Going on midnight yesterday, sitting at the computer screen, winding down on Dristan, when part of Chatham Head explodes into bright orange. Flames. Was there an explosion? I’m not sure. There was a […]