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Coming Home

My boyfriend is at some little airstrip waiting with about 200 other people to catch a plane to Edmonton. Late last night after I was asleep, they got word the job was shut down and it would be a couple of weeks before it started again. They could […]

Prayers Needed

My boyfriend’s shift was cancelled last night on account of the wildfires in Alberta. He is in a camp about an hour from Fort Mac. Last night they could see the smoke in the sky. It has been really hot there this past week. The entire city of […]


So much to fill you in on! Yesterday I got the Bon Jovi dvds I ordered. Destination Anywhere is one I’ve wanted for a long time and have been keeping an eye out for a copy but it hasn’t always been available. It’s a must-have for any Jon […]

I’m on Fire

More fire in Chatham Head last night. Relatively the same area. Just after dark. Two fires set or more likely a second that started off sparks from the first. Many firetrucks. It was hard to keep track of them all, but I think four initially and then another […]

Choppy Water

Another cold grey morning. Rain. Rough winds on the water. Birds fighting to get downriver. Going on midnight yesterday, sitting at the computer screen, winding down on Dristan, when part of Chatham Head explodes into bright orange. Flames. Was there an explosion? I’m not sure. There was a […]