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Rock the Casbah

I can hear what sounds like “Great Balls of Fire” wafting up from Ritchie Wharf, mingling with all the birds singing and boat traffic passing. The official opening doesn’t happen until tomorrow night, but the Rock ‘n Roll Festival is definitely underway! I’m not heading down there this […]

Oh Happy Day!

Yesterday’s 92% humidity was a friggin’ killer. Creeps right into your joints and sets up shop, it does. So, I didn’t seem to get much done yesterday on many fronts, because my knees and wrists were whacked. I went to bed pretty early, and stayed there quite late […]


Sluggish start to this overcast snow threatening day. Sinuses plugged solid. Sinus headache resulting. Yay! I’ll fix that with lots of garlic and hot peppers later. It’s salsa day! So the date for my high school reunion got finalized and it’s not a very good one for me. […]