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True Colours & Stuff

You, with the sad heart …  should not listen to the Magic Sunny Lite Mix sometimes. I’m reminded of so many things. Every time I hear “Tell it to My Heart” I’m transported back to 1987 on the Lakeshore. The deejay at the Eastwood played that song so […]


You make me feel something like summertimeTop down ain’t nothing but timeRadio’s on and you’re by my sideFeels something like summertimeLike that first slow dance and that first long kissThere ain’t nothing baby better then thisIt’s like a beach blanket and a bottle of wineIt feels something like […]

Start Me Up

It never fails, if left on random play iTunes always knows what’s up in the world. God! Did I ever need The Stones right about now! Little booster shot in the arm of rock energy. So I’ve been hideously lax in my blogging, I know. This is me […]

Out of Tune

Okay, I think I have a few minutes before I am whisked away to M5 (Mighty Miramichi Monday Morning Meeting for those not in the know). I am on Day 4 of a 7 day brown rice detox program. The first three days were frigging hell, let me […]

Bet You Didn’t Know

I’m back! And I bet you didn’t even know I was gone! You won’t believe what happened to me for New Year’s . . . wait for it . . . I blew up another freaking hard drive!!!! No really! I really did! I have lost count of […]