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Countdown to Plant Strong

My boyfriend bought me the juicer I wanted for my birthday and yesterday it shipped from Amazon! The more I read (and since getting a Kindle, I am reading A LOT!) the more I think a juicer will be very helpful for my Plant Strong lifestyle. I have detoxed […]

Alive With Pleasure

I started smoking when I was 13 years old. This was in the early 1980’s before smoking and smokers became taboo. My dad smoked. A lot of people did. It started as a way to look older, be more cool, and just rebel against my parents and other […]

WTF?! Up Another Almost Pound

Well I’m definitely bloating up over something because that little Wii Fit board dude says I am up another 0.9 pound again today. It sounds like he’s saying Ow! when he weighs me, like the continuous gain is physically hurting him. Perhaps it is … maybe I am […]

Seasonal Stuff

Odd weather on the river today. One minute thunder and lightning, the next I’m all fogged in. The higher temperature has been resting in my fingers and hips all week. But it’s dropping now again, so there will be more climate adjustment in my joints and then I […]


I haven’t been doing very well this week. And last, if I’m honest. And the week before that if you want to know the truth. It’s mostly physical. Summer is not my best season. Winter is. And I guess I can’t do anything about that. It is what […]


The humidity is high. How do I know this? My joints are swollen 😦 I hate that! Nevertheless I went to the gym today. Even though I have blisters on the pads of my feet the size of loonies and my head feels like it’s going to pop […]

101 in 101 Update

Briefly updated my 101 in 101 list. Want to revamp the whole thing, start fresh with things that matter to me now. Might get to that this week sometime. My arthritis is acting up today. A little achy in the knees and fingers. A whole lotta sleepy and […]

How to Save a Life

Physically feeling much stronger today, though still pretty tired. I walked up the King George Highway this morning to do an interview, close to a half hour walk and all my pedometer registered was 10 minutes. I hate when that happens! It’s because my pants are too loose […]

Day Five

It’s Day Five of Detox, folks, and I feel mighty fine! I mean MIGHTY fine! It occurs to me as I look out my window at the fog and rain that my arthritis should be flaring in this wacky temperature rise. For many years now that’s been my […]

Achy Again

Awake since 5am though I tried to continue sleeping until 6:30, should have just gotten up. I’m in an achy season again. There seems to be an excess of moisture in the air or something. Pain makes me tired. I self-medicate. IOW (my own shorthand for In Other […]