Category: adventures of a single girl

Back in Black

Stomach is a bit flippy today. Getting ready for an interview this afternoon. Not wanting to do the work, not feeling like research, like asking questions. Just want to laze and listen to music, maybe see if I can find the latest Friday Night Lights. The girls visit […]

Oh What a Life

My list just keeps getting bigger and bigger. And I cross off more and more every day. And it just gets bigger again. So much to do. So precious little time. I’m played out. Doing interviews, editing, doing websites, publishing, doing admin . . . there is absolutely […]


I’m running late this morning. Only have a few minutes to blog before I gotta boot, scoot ‘n boogie. It is Mighty Monday after all! Yesterday was a good day. I had a good time. Coffee stretched into a walk, ice cream, another walk, magic tricks, hours of […]

Radio Nowhere

Yeah, I thought the time changed last night. I had it marked on my calendar even. I didn’t change the clock though, it usually takes me a few days to get around to doing that, but I woke this morning at 7:30 thinking smugly to myself, “Hey it’s […]

On this matter of commitment . . .

I fear. I have examined this from every possible angle and there is no other explanation. I am afraid to commit. In all my relationships (and there have been plenty) one of two things happens. Either I love too much and that love is not reciprocated. Or I […]