Throes of Arthritis

I am sad. My body betrays me every day. I am not who people think I am. I am sad. I am a foreigner in this land and nobody knows my name. I am only happy in the world of my dreams where celebrity guest stars pop in […]

The Birthday Blues

I think I may have a case of the birthday blues. In a couple of weeks I will be turning 35, which is one of those milestone years. I’m saying goodbye to my early 30’s and entering the new era of my late 30’s, which as we all […]

The Dating Dilemma . . . Again!

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs by singles who say dating is tough. One woman says it’s tough because young guys usually want kids of their own (and she is done in that department) while older guys usually have older children and don’t want to have anything […]

Grabbing the Oars

For a little over a month I’ve been drifting. First let me backtrack, I started this year with an astonishing amount of zest and purpose. I was determined to work smarter, less. And until last month I was doing really well, on top of things more or less, […]

Madness & Poetry

There is something very calming about reading poetry aloud. A couple of nights ago at the height of a raging hormonal PMS fit, my sister dared to utter those dirty little words that always follow, “No offence but . . . ” “. . . you’re not a […]

Fiddler’s Moon

I’m in the banquet room at the Rodd, sitting off by myself, alone, because I can’t trust my emotion not to give way in front of the others. Matilda Murdoch is playing the fiddle. I’m transported back in time to 1600’s Ireland. I’m moved to tears. I may […]

Irrational thoughts

I have this completely irrational fear that someone is watching me . . . that I’ll turn around and a strange man will be standing there . . . that he’ll have snuck into the house or he’ll appear in the picture window outside standing on the deck […]

On the subject of love . . .

I no longer believe. That is such a difficult revelation for me to make. I don’t mean to you, the unknown masses who have decided to follow my madness. I mean it’s very difficult for me to admit this to myself. No matter what has happened or how […]

Evil, a Pantoum

Experimenting with this form of poetry called a pantoum. Not very good at it. Here’s how you do it: Stanza 1: Line 1 Line 2 Line 3 Line 4 Stanza 2: Line 5 (repeat of line 2 in stanza 1) Line 6 (new line) Line 7 (repeat of […]

A Date

Last night I went on the first date with a boy that I’ve been on in four years. How crazy is that? I’m nothing if not extreme, when I do something, I really do it, and that includes swearing off men I guess 🙂 Anyway, this guy is […]


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Precise, Skilled & Reliable

Kellie Underhill’s editing skills are precise, skilled, and reliable. Along with her impressive writing skills, she was and continues to be, instrumental in the success of Words on Water, Miramichi, a reading and workshop group dedicated to promoting the books and works of local and national writers. We’ve worked well together in our projects. I am happy her great creative energy is moving in a new direction.

Judy Bowman
President, Words on Water (WoW)
Past President, Writers’ Federation of New Brunswick (WFNB)

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