Date Night

Last night was Date Night! And no, that doesn’t mean what you probably think it means. Date Night happens when my best friend and I get together and do something. Actually, it doesn’t even have to be at night, sometimes we start in the morning and go the […]

Return from Clutter & Disarray

Late last fall I decided I needed to take my life back — lose weight, embrace my work, accept my family for who they are, get healthy, become more organized and productive, start writing again and doing the things I truly enjoy. Throughout the year, I’ve been working […]

Poetry Workshop

Hanging out at PJ Billingtons in the Wharf Inn after a day of poetry with Roger Moore. What have I learned? . . . It’s easier to stay silent and receive criticism without having to defend or justify your work . . . You can open yourself up […]

Some places just feel like home

Sitting high on my old-fashioned bed with the paisley bedspread and brocade at the Marshland Inn in Sackville, I’m reminded of my grandparents’ homes when I was a kid. I can’t feel Callum here . . . I don’t think he’d be here. But I feel like I […]

Playing to An Audience . . . of one?

I was pretty surprised to read my first comment from a reader the other day. It never occurred to me that someone might actually read this blog. That probably sounds pretty weird, that I was shocked to learn someone had found me. I work online, I participate in […]

I Sooo Totally Suck at Blogging!

I’m not very good at keeping on top of this blogging situation. . . seems like I only make time when I really need to be doing something else. Well, I AM the master of procrastination. Anyway, tomorrow night I am going on a date with a guy […]

Healing through Art

Last night I went to a monthly poetry night at a local gallery with my sister. It was our first time and it was fabulous. The only place I ever feel I truly belong is in an artistic setting like that. I know the whole alienated artist thing […]

A New Week Dawns . . .

And I’m in better spirits! I’m a happy camper. Sometimes I wonder about mental illness, hormonal deficiencies, etc. Bi-polar and manic depressive are just a couple of terms I toss around. My mood swings are pretty wicked. I’ll be down in the dumps, the lowest of low every […]


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Precise, Skilled & Reliable

Kellie Underhill’s editing skills are precise, skilled, and reliable. Along with her impressive writing skills, she was and continues to be, instrumental in the success of Words on Water, Miramichi, a reading and workshop group dedicated to promoting the books and works of local and national writers. We’ve worked well together in our projects. I am happy her great creative energy is moving in a new direction.

Judy Bowman
President, Words on Water (WoW)
Past President, Writers’ Federation of New Brunswick (WFNB)

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