Walk Tall

As I sit here with Bush leading the election . . . with the outcome too close to call . . . I have to wonder what the hell is wrong with a lot of Americans? Why haven’t the Democrats run away with this election? Do people just […]

More Turds

I should’ve known better than to mention Nick’s crap the other day . . . Today was a bad day . . . I can’t even talk about it . . . Three hours outside . . . one pair of scissors, two rags, a soapy bucket of […]


Late last night, as I worked into the wee hours yet again (I’ve seen 4am every day this week) my sneaky suspicion materialized — I’m going to have to touch up EVERY PAGE published so far this year, EVERY SINGLE PAGE!! It’s not enough that I took the […]

Footnote from my Past

Tonight Kaitlyn sent me a poem she wrote that reminded me of one I had written when I was just a little bit older than she is now. I think I was 14. I kept that poem for some reason, I think because I liked the idea and […]

Nerds & Turds

Turns out the Nick Nolte Diary is not being written by Nick Nolte, which makes it slightly less fun to read. I should have guessed earlier that if it sounded too much like Nick Nolte it had to be aspiring screen writers. Get the full scoop from E! […]

Worker Bee Mode

What an insane time I’m having with work. We’re in the process of changing to a new design. I had a new issue ready to go on the weekend but I held it back a little because Jen had a new column coming in. In the meantime Joy […]

Roughing it in the Bush

Oh Mrs. Moodie! I’ve never been able to finish your book . . . and now I think I know why. I don’t find your “roughing it” experience to be all that exciting because it’s just old hat around these parts. This morning as Nick and I trekked […]

What a Day!

My sinus infection was nearly the death of me today. I’ve been feverish all day, practically falling asleep in my chair as I tried to get stuff done. I do have this to show for my efforts, but the finishing touches that I anticipated taking an hour or […]

Forgotten Already Forgotten

I went to the movies this weekend and saw The Forgotten with Juliane Moore. I was a bit disappointed by it. I had seen all of the scary parts in the previews and I had hoped the plot revolved around something more complicated and less stereotypical than aliens […]

Flexing my Writing muscles . . .

When I used to write creatively everyday, working on short stories and novels, I would begin the day with an excercise to get my brain cells into the creative spirit. Sometimes I’d write a little essay, but more often than not I would write cheesy little pieces of […]


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Precise, Skilled & Reliable

Kellie Underhill’s editing skills are precise, skilled, and reliable. Along with her impressive writing skills, she was and continues to be, instrumental in the success of Words on Water, Miramichi, a reading and workshop group dedicated to promoting the books and works of local and national writers. We’ve worked well together in our projects. I am happy her great creative energy is moving in a new direction.

Judy Bowman
President, Words on Water (WoW)
Past President, Writers’ Federation of New Brunswick (WFNB)

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