My Top 5 Favourite Vegan Things #1

Since I started this whole food plant based lifestyle I’ve been reading a lot of books and articles, watching many films and videos, and following a lot of groups and individuals who are making or have made the transition to this way of living. I started for health reasons but the more I learn, the more my reasoning includes morals and ethics, the more I think of myself as not just “plant strong” but vegan. Along the way I’ve been discovering products that I likely never would have learned about otherwise. Here are my current Top 5 Favourite Vegan things that I’m obsessed with:

  1. Live Clean – A whole lot of their products are vegan and cruelty free (did you know there was a difference? I recently found out that not all cruelty free products are vegan). And they’re Canadian! So they get points for that. I have long used their hand soap pumps, (the Argan Oil Liquid Hand Soap is fabulous!) but since changing my lifestyle I have become a little obsessed with them. I currently use their shampoos and conditioners. And on my next shopping excursion I am going to pick up some of their body wash, facial scrub, and moisturisers. If you haven’t tried this brand, it is definitely worth checking out!
  2. Mr. Spice – Discovering Mr. Spice Organic Tangy Bang hot sauce may have been the most life changing discovery so far this year. I kid you not! It’s Organic, with No Cholesterol, No MSG, No Preservatives, Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Dairy Free, No HVP, No Sulfites, All Natural, Salt Free, Fat Free, No HFCS and of course Vegan! All that and it tastes really good! I always have Tangy Bang on hand but I’ve also tried the Sweet ‘n Sour, which is a big hit here with not just me but my boyfriend too, who can’t handle spicy things. Just this morning I also got in the Garlic Steak to try. There are other vegan ones that I will be trying soon. Love this company! Love these sauces!
  3. Tinkyada Rice Pastas – I don’t have a gluten intolerance. I have loved whole wheat pastas for many many years now. I probably made the switch to whole wheat maybe 15 years ago. When I did I discovered that I actually liked whole wheat pasta more than regular pasta. So, in going vegan there really wasn’t any reason why I needed to switch up my pasta again, but I found myself experimenting with chickpea pasta, veggie pasta, and grains like quinoa pasta as I saw these things come on sale. Then I watched a video from Mary McDougall where she said this was the brand they used and preferred. So I got some to try. Oh my goodness! I thought I loved whole wheat pasta, but I really really love brown rice pasta! This pasta is amazing! I love the taste and the texture. It stands up to a lot of overcooking and is pretty hard to screw up. Like brown rice itself, I could eat this pasta plain with no sauce or veggies.
  4. Simply Organic Madagascar Vanilla Extract – Yes, it’s expensive. Yes, I use it nearly every day. Yes, I believe it’s worth it. I really like the Simply Organic product line in general, but this vanilla extract has become a staple in my pantry. It is delicious, organic, and alcohol free. You can drink it right off the spoon. But I don’t! I used to just buy this vanilla occasionally when I thought I might be baking (a rare occurrence) but now I use this religiously in my oatmeal, and I eat oatmeal almost every day. A little bit just adds that tiny delicious spark that you need.
  5. Bob’s Red Mill Corn Grits Polenta – I daresay that I will love any brand of corn grits because I have discovered that I absolutely love polenta! Well, I love this one particular southwest style recipe that I have made repeatedly. I haven’t gotten into making polenta fries or grits for breakfast or any of that yet. Who knows, it may only be the southwest bowl recipe that does it for me, but it really really does it for me! I do like Bob’s Red Mill products in general though and I use a lot of their stuff, so when I was looking for a polenta so I could try that recipe, that’s naturally where I started looking.

So these are my most recent vegan finds that I’m obsessed with! I’m sure my list will evolve as this journey goes on. What are some of your favourite vegan foods and products? Do you have any suggestions for me to try? I’m fairly new to all this so if you have suggestions, I welcome your comments and messages!

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    1. I so wish that Beyond Meat would come to my part of the world. I have heard such great things and the photos look amazing always! We do have Follow Your Heart here, but in Canada they are called Earth Island. Lots of great products for sure. I haven’t heard of Hampton Creek, I will have to look them up. I suspect I can’t find them locally. Thanks for the suggestions!

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