My Friday Morning Rampage

I love my life. I love everything about it.

I love that I live in a beautiful rural part of the country where I can watch deer grazing, fish leaping, squirrels running, moose lumbering, and birds pecking. I love that I can hear the swoosh of the wind in the leaves of the trees, birds singing, squirrels chattering, bees buzzing, and little frogs peeping through the night. I love the fresh smell of the river breeze, mowed grass, apple trees, and lilacs. I love watching first the sun and then the full moon rise over this majestic river.

I love my home with its wall of windows that overlooks the water. I love that it’s compact and tidy and cosy. Waking up here every day is a blessing and a joy. I love sitting on my porch and watching the sun rise while I sip on a hot beverage. I love cooking and cleaning up in a kitchen with a clear view to the nature outside. I love the island where I sometimes sit on a stool and have breakfast. I love having friends and family over and entertaining. I love that all my small appliances have a place on the counter so I can easily use them almost every day. I love my clean stove and large fridge. I really love my dishwasher! I love throwing open the windows and doors to the screens and letting the outside air flow through my home. I love taking my computer outside and working in the shade on a warm summer day. I love my bright warm bedroom and my amazing bed where I get the best sleep ever. I love the strong water pressure in the shower. I love spending time in my home gym/ office, walking on the treadmill while listening to music or watching TV. I love my home office where everything is neat and organised.

I love my family. I love living within walking distance of everyone I care about. I love dropping in to visit them and having them drop in to visit me. I love going for walks with them and spending time together. I love my partner. I love that he loves me and supports me in everything I do. I love the way he makes me feel safe. I cherish every moment that we spend together. I love cooking for him and going for long walks and travelling to places far and near. I love my friends. I love that they encourage me to pursue my dreams and passions. I love that they support me emotionally in whatever I do. I love that they make me laugh.

I love that I’m so happy and fortunate to have this wonderful life.

I love my work. It’s not even really like working because I enjoy what I do so much. I love everyone I work with because they are the best bunch of truly good human beings. They inspire me to be better and do better every day that I interact with them.

I am so blessed. I feel so content.

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