Daily Gratitude

There are many motivational speakers, personal development coaches and spiritual gurus who all say the same thing … if you give thanks every day for the things you have it will change your life.

I am pretty grateful most of the time. I have a fairly positive attitude. But being that way wasn’t my natural default, wasn’t how I grew up, I had to teach myself to be grateful for all I have instead of wanting what I don’t. I had to teach myself to see the silver lining in a situation, find the lesson, see the glass half full or completely full instead of half empty or completely empty. With regard to money I come from a natural place of having less than. There is a feeling of not having enough inside of me that I need to do battle with on a daily basis, because I am fully aware that is the contributing feeling that will keep me fat and poor. And I know that no matter how much I change my diet, exercise, spending habits or anything else, unless I change my mind I will continue to be fat and poor, because in times of stress, when obstacles present themselves, my subconscious will switch back to its default setting of not having enough.

I am getting better at this all the time, mostly because I am constantly teaching my boyfriend to be less negative and think more positively and to feel worthy of an abundant life, so this helps to keep the idea at the forefront of my mind for sure. But this year I want to start writing about my gratitude more and get back into that habit for myself, because I truly believe it will help make a difference in my life.

This morning I am grateful for the sunshine which cascades over the frozen river and into my huge living room picture window. I am so grateful I get to live beside a river and that even though I am in an old apartment building I get to see all kinds of wildlife like squirrels, raccoons, fox, many species of birds, fish jumping in the summertime, and the most majestic of them all, the family of bald eagles who fly right in front of my third floor window. I am grateful that I have good neighbours, mature folk who are kind and friendly when met in the hallways and willing to help if I ever needed a helping hand but otherwise quiet. I love that in many ways it doesn’t feel like I am living in a building with others at all, like this is my private river place.

This morning I am grateful for the new heater my boyfriend got me for Christmas. It is nearly 20 below and I am snug, warm and cozy. Plus it is an energy efficient heater so I am able to turn down the old energy guzzling baseboards and reduce my carbon footprint a bit this winter.

This morning I am grateful for a hot cup of coffee and a sister who texts me just to see how I am doing and a best friend who switched shifts with me at the office because I have a sneezy cold and a boyfriend who loves me no matter how fat and ugly I become, no matter how cranky and difficult to get along with that I am.

I have so much to be thankful for this morning! Now I shall go attack the day!

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