Setting New Goals

I have been setting goals based on Jim Rohn’s method and philosophies for nearly 15 years now, but my experience with goal setting actually started back in the early 90’s at a progressive young tech/ marketing company I worked with in Toronto. I learned about SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) there and participated in many exercises designed to help me write SMART goals covering all aspects of my personal and professional lives.

At the time I was often annoyed by the all the time I was being forced to spend on these things when there was other work to be done, but now I am so thankful I was introduced to personal development at such a young age. I know people older than me right now who have never taken a single moment of time to stop and think about the direction of their lives, let alone make a plan for it.

I like to do my goal setting exercise right around the new year. Generally that is the natural time when people feel like examining what’s been happening and implementing some steps to make changes in their lives. It also makes it easier when you’re looking back over past goals to think in terms of this is what I set out to do in a particular year. Most people make resolutions like quit smoking or drinking or eating sweets, but I like the deeper exercise of writing goals and action steps. It isn’t that I am any more successful at making these things happen in the given year, but I have found looking back that I have crossed quite a few things off my initial lists and had some success at specific goals.

The majority of my goals for 2017 are health focused. I need to reach a healthy BMI. I need to live a more active lifestyle. I need to do more of the things that nourish my spirit like reading books and writing. In past years I have had more balanced goals covering other aspects of my life like finances, career, education, family, etc. One year I had five goals that were all work related. I feel like there isn’t any right or wrong way to really approach setting and achieving your goals … you just need to have goals!

Click to download a Goal Setting template.

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