Reboot Day Two

juicerI am not going to lie, yesterday was very hard. I drank three glasses of juice, which was one more than the day before, still not the four that were in the plan from the book. I didn’t make any fresh juice at all, I had three glasses in the fridge from Day One. And this was a good thing because I don’t think I could have done it. I didn’t have the strength or energy. And the thought of drinking a juice made me gag. I dreaded it all day. Each time it was time to drink I just remembered what Joe said, if I had to plug my nose and gulp it down like medicine, just get it into you … so I did.

I found it difficult to concentrate. I had memory lapses throughout the day. I was so tired I didn’t accomplish very much. I was hyper emotional and suffered a huge ugly cry when one of the characters on my favourite tv show was killed off (normally I might shed a few silent tears, or just get a lump in my throat). I urinated a lot but to my surprise defecated like normal. At one point I could barely hold my end of the telephone conversation with a colleague. During the late afternoon/ early evening a terrible headache came on and stayed until I finally fell asleep. I napped a few times throughout the day and went to bed pretty early. I woke up every few hours to pee.

I spoke to my boyfriend and Mom, who both told me it was okay if I stopped and I debated myself all evening about whether I should. Was this just normal detoxing? Was I hurting myself in some way? I decided I would give myself permission to switch over to solid food this morning if I didn’t feel any better in the morning. But I would have to eat all the veg and fruit I had bought … not rush out to order a pizza … just switch over to the next phase of my new lifestyle — the whole food plant based diet. (Oh wouldn’t some rice and beans or a baked sweet potato be divine?!)

I woke this morning just before 5 am and couldn’t get back to sleep so I got up. My headache is gone. I looked at myself in the mirror when I was washing the sleep out of my eyes and my complexion seems better. I have better colour. While I boiled the kettle and brewed my ginger/ lemon tea concoction, I washed some dishes in preparation of making juice today. I feel more coherent now. I have a bit more energy. Today I think I can do a full good day of juicing. And also take care of other things like laundry and work. Certainly I can make it through Day Three. And three days breaks my sugar addiction. And for me that’s the most important thing. One day at a time, that’s how I will get through this. I can do anything for a day.

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