Reboot Day One

rebootYesterday I started my juicing reboot. It was a lot harder than I imagined. Not eating solid food wasn’t hard at all for me. I can easily fast for a day or two. And the truth is I really don’t eat all that much. Left to my natural inclinations I start the day with lots of black coffee and look for food sometime in the mid to late afternoon, when I will have a big meal, and then many times nothing else, sometimes a smaller meal later in the evening around 9 pm. It is an unhealthy natural setting and one that easily creates obesity. I need to always be conscious and practice to maintain the habit of eating breakfast and at least two other meals in a day. So yeah, the not having food thing, not an issue.

My issue was that I couldn’t consume all the fluids I was supposed to in the run of the day. The schedule is a cup of hot water infused with fresh ginger and lemon before breakfast, make juice for breakfast which will be two servings so save one for later, have 500 ml of coconut water, make juice for lunch which will be two servings so save one for later, have your second half of breakfast juice for snack, have second half of lunch juice for dinner, make a juice for dessert, have an herbal tea, and go to bed … and somewhere in there you squeeze in four glasses of water. Yesterday I made juice twice and drank juice twice and today have three huge glasses of juice in the fridge left over.

The book says it is good in the fridge for 24 hours, so I will drink it today. And I will be so freaking thankful to have it pre-made, because seriously juicing is a dirty time consuming business. The fruit and vegetable prep takes forever, then the juicing takes time to put everything through, then you need to put the pulp through again … and the clean-up! Oh boy! Thank God my juicer came with its own cleaning brush because I can’t imagine how I would have managed. It is super messy and time consuming to clean up. And yesterday it felt like I would just clean up and have to start prep and do it again. I drank non-stop. I washed and chopped food non-stop. I cleaned non-stop. There was no time for anything else. I tried to watch television before bedtime but I fell asleep in the first minute, remember nothing of the show. My ankles and legs were swollen from standing at the kitchen counter all day. I have no idea how Joe Cross travelled for so many days with a juicer hooked to a generator in the back of his vehicle. I can’t imagine that nightmare!

So it was a hard day on some levels. But I did it! Day one put up a fight but in the end I stuck it out and persisted. Day two will be easier because I have a head start with juice in the fridge already and I have learned from my first day experience. I am also up earlier this morning than I was yesterday, so I should be able to have a better, juicier day!

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