Back in Action

tshirtI am many weeks over due for an update. I was very sick for a bit, thought I was well again but relapsed. All together I was severely ill for 6-8 weeks. MUCH too long! But I have been recovered for one full week and a day now. The thing about being sick for so long is that you fall behind on things. Not just your 9-5 pay cheque work, but also the cleaning and other chores that normally keep your household running smoothly, books you’re reading, television series you’re watching, exercise you planned to get, diets you should have been following, and everything else that you can’t do while you lay in bed dozing in and out of sleep.

So I fell seriously behind in all aspects of my life and then miraculously last Monday I emerged from my bed fully recovered and dove into the business of playing catch-up. It was deadline week for the print magazine. There were articles needing writing and even more needing editing. At the same time my daily posts to the five news sites I manage had fallen behind, so I was trying to curate content for them, schedule and back-schedule posts, and create social media posts to promote everything. And my house was a pig sty of dirt and germs that I was afraid might make me sick again if I didn’t clean and disinfect every inch of the place. Plus my nieces were due to arrive some time on Friday and I knew I would be busy all weekend attending the WFNB festival WordSpring and wouldn’t have any additional time to work or clean.

So I had a pretty serious deadline and a lot to accomplish in a very few days. Every day last week was a 16-18 hour long day jam packed with computer work and physical housecleaning. Being ill for so long left me in a weakened condition to tackle either type of job, so things took longer to do and I got more tired than normal while doing them. Most nights I slept on the couch so I could be sure the daylight would wake me early. The only day I overslept was Friday when I didn’t get around until 9:30 am (I blame the cool darkness of the bedroom) and felt like I had blown most of my last day. I tried not to beat myself up about it and jumped right into the tasks that needed doing. Kids arrived for the weekend. WordSpring happened. And all was well. Except for me only sleeping a total of 8 hours the entire weekend.

The week was one very large candle to be burning at both ends. I was completely exhausted by Sunday afternoon when everything was finally over and I could relax. I napped for five hours during the afternoon and on into the evening. It was one of those naps when you wake up around 8 and can’t tell whether it is the same day in the evening or if you’ve slept through the night and now it’s the following morning. I hadn’t slept through the night so I got up and ate and watched some mindless television and went straight back to bed, where I slept until 10:30 yesterday morning. And still I didn’t feel completely rested or energetic. But I got up and worked and then forced myself out to supper with my BFF, which I was glad in retrospect because I hadn’t realized how much I needed a good meat and potatoes meal. And then home to sleep again.

This morning I woke at 7:30 on my own, no alarm, and I am feeling more normal. Not completely normal, mind you, but much more rested and alert and more like my old self. I have a list for the day and it is manageable.

I have many things to share about my experience this weekend but I will leave that for future posts. When I first saw that WordSpring was coming to Miramichi. I was going to skip workshops and just attend readings and the dinner because none of the workshops appealed to me, but either they changed them up from the very first or I just took more time to investigate what they were about because there was a workshop that appealed to me. And then when my nieces were going to attend and wanted to take workshops, I decided to workshop as well. Luckily it came together this way because the workshop blew my mind, and these days not much does. But it deserves a whole post on its own, so I will leave it for tomorrow. I also had a weird sort of incident, which I don’t know whether I will write about or not, because I am still puzzled by it. Perhaps I will leave that story for my memoirs many years down the road!

Over all I feel like I should be wearing a t-shirt that says, “I survived WFNB WordSpring in the Mighty Miramichi!”

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