Dawn Comes Early

dawn05102016aI am literally up at the crack of dawn this morning, despite not getting to bed until nearly 1 am. I must truly be feeling better. This morning my mom and four of my aunts, her sisters, are heading west to visit my other aunt, their other sister, in Calgary for a week. I am excited for her, excited that she is venturing out to places she has always wanted to go. I hope they have an amazing trip. I’m sure they will have a lot of laughs. Oh to be a fly on that carry-on bag! 

My boyfriend may be home safe and sound from the mess out in Fort Mac, but he’s got the sickness I had for the past two weeks. He has the chills, stuffy runny nose, sneezes and coughs. The heavy duty Buckley’s pills that knocked me flat on my ass for two days  (two pills was all I took!) seem to have little effect on him. He still can’t sleep. I woke up this morning just after 5 to find myself alone in bed. He had taken to the couch because I was apparently snoring and he couldn’t sleep. I promptly put him back in bed, got dressed and made a cup of coffee. I feel energized and recharged. He needs his rest.

Today he goes home and starts his days with his son. Our eight day schedule starts again, five nights at his house, three nights with me. I just did the calculation on the calendar and this means he won’t be around on WordSpring weekend later this month. I had hoped he could attend the dinner with us. Oh well. Another time perhaps.

I would like to write something before WordSpring, something new that I could read during the Open Mic session on Sunday morning. So far though, no inspiration has taken hold of me. Maybe I shouldn’t be waiting for inspiration, instead just sit at the keyboard and see what my fingers find. Though I have a sneaky feeling that I may be a bit afraid of what that might be. I find myself drifting in thought on the subject, turning words over in my mind and sometimes I feel the pull of the keyboard to actually put them down, but I chicken out before I get to the desk. I know what I need to write about. I know what I need to unburden and release. But I don’t seem to be quite ready to get into it just yet. Soon, though. Maybe in time for WordSpring. The words turning over in my mind are starting to form into sentences and paragraphs.

I have just noticed that WordSpring happens the very same weekend as the Rotary RibFest. Last year I was vegetarian and didn’t try any ribs. This year I was looking forward to trying all kinds of things! I guess I will have to keep some reserve energy so I can take in the event Sunday afternoon after the Open Mic.

And now the sun is all the way up into the sky. Daylight has flooded my front rooms. I can see my calendar and to do list without turning on a light. So now, I will make a second cup of coffee and get about the day’s business.


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