Yes, I may have lingered in bed until 10:30 this morning but then I got up and threw in a load of laundry. Today I feel better. Today I will do all the things I wanted to do all week but was too weak and sick to accomplish. Today I will go outside and go shopping for food and stuff. Today I will clean up this damn pig sty. Today I will cook a decent meal.


My boyfriend is winging his way from Edmonton to Toronto right now. He is completely exhausted. He didn’t get any sleep again last night. Thank God for the people from WestJet, the Red Cross, Tim Horton’s and the airport staff! They have been so good to everyone. He can’t sing their praises enough. He says being there to witness this has changed him forever. I think maybe that was why he was there. He hardly got a week’s pay, so there’s got to be a lesson in there somewhere for him. Oh well, tonight he gets into Fredericton. His brother is picking him up at the airport. Not sure whether they will bring him home tonight or wait and come tomorrow. But regardless, I won’t see him until Monday because the tags ran out on his vehicle and he won’t get here before the Motor Vehicle closes for the weekend. So, that’s that.

First load of laundry has gone into the dryer and second load in the wash. So far, so good. I think today will be a Bon Jovi kind of day. I will use the music to give me that last little push forward so I keep going and get things done and resist the urge to give in to the sickness. My chest does feel a lot less clogged up today. I can breathe … mostly.

A body at rest, will stay at rest … but a body in motion will stay in motion … and today that is going to be my body! Today I will get some damn steps on my Spark Activity Tracker! And scratch a ton of things off my huge To Do list! But I better go, it is lunch time!

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