Prayers Needed

fortmacMy boyfriend’s shift was cancelled last night on account of the wildfires in Alberta. He is in a camp about an hour from Fort Mac. Last night they could see the smoke in the sky. It has been really hot there this past week. The entire city of Fort Mac was ordered to evacuate yesterday … 70,000 people I heard, 80,000 someone else said … the largest mandatory evacuation in Alberta’s history. Homes have been lost, vehicles, a whole trailer park filled with RVs, but no lives that I’ve heard about. I pray lives will be safe. Material things don’t matter much. It is a devastating thing to lose all your possessions, your home, but you can recover, rebuild.

An awful lot of people affected by this are from the East Coast. Many are from the Miramichi and all over New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Cape Breton, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador. Many have already lost their homes in one sense, being forced to relocate in order to be able to make a decent wage and life for themselves. They are a tough breed, used to dealing with tough times. They will get through this too, just like they always do. 

Last night some other camps were evacuating to my boyfriend’s camp. It was unclear whether they might need to evacuate at some point too. I know from Facebook that some of the workers evacuated to Edmonton. A lot of displaced people. A lot of displaced workers who may not even call Alberta “home”. And all this as my mother and her sisters prepare to fly to Calgary to visit. I am hopeful that any airport domino effect will be over by then. So their flights go on time and the crowds are just normal sized, the planes normal crowded.

I am praying that things get under control out there, that my boyfriend gets to do what he’s gone there to do, which is to work and make some money. He seems to like this company a lot. Though it is taking some adjustment for the night shift. He’s not quite there yet. Doesn’t feel like he has as much time in the day as he would if he worked day shifts. Even though every day is 24 hours no matter what and a 12 hour shift is a 12 hour shift no matter when you do it. Every time he goes he makes more contacts who might be able to help him get on the next job, and the next job, and so on.

In other news, I am still sick. It’s been a little over a week now. Last night I coughed up some huge chunks of crap. I was happy to see it was clean mucus, no blood, no dirt like there would have been if I still smoked. A very clean off white shade. But the texture threw me. This was a solid chunk. No fluid. About as big as the tip of my finger and dry, not slimy, more like a chewed piece of gum than a bit of Jello, like a bit of soft cheese. My first thought was that it was no wonder I couldn’t get this stuff out of me, it’s solid, how am I supposed to blow that out my nose?! But I coughed something up, so perhaps this is a sign that I am on the mend, things loosening up inside me and getting ready to be expelled. I rubbed Vicks all over my neck and around my nose last night so I could breathe and fall asleep. It helps. My throat isn’t sore at all this morning. I am just stuffed up and coughing with pain around my eyes. I have some swelling behind my left ear. I am hopeful that today is the day I will finally be strong enough to make a decent meal, clean up the house a bit, maybe even do a bit of laundry. And maybe, maybe, maybe even be able to pull myself together enough to go out into the world and buy some Buckley’s cough syrup.

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