Coffee State of Mind

coffeepodskeurigThis morning I feel about 50% better than I did yesterday. I actually got out of bed when I woke up at 7:30 am on my own, no alarm. All week I have been lying in bed until 10, 11, or even 12 before I would try to get around. And the getting around consisted of doing the bare minimum for work, then on to the couch for another lie down.

But this morning I have laundry on the go, an open suitcase ready to pack, a sink full of dishes ready to wash, and a detailed list in my day planner of things I must do today. I’m already on my second cup of coffee. And it is splendid! These PC pods are my usual brand. I started buying them initially because they were cheaper than any others, but now they cost just as much as anything else unless they go on sale. I prefer the Sumatran, which is a darker roast. The boyfriend prefers the Columbian, which is a very light roast. So we both can get along with the Costa Rican, which is somewhere in the middle. These pods also don’t use the plastic cups, which makes me feel a bit better environmentally. The reason I do the Keurig thing is so that I won’t drink as much coffee. I used to brew a pot and drink a pot … 12 cups … not good. With the Keurig I will only have one or two cups and they are smaller cups than what I would pour myself out of a pot. 

When the Keurig breaks (which it likely will at some point) I think I will switch to a French Press and grind my own beans (I have a grinder already). I already own a little French Press, but it is so tiny that it doesn’t even make a proper sized cup of coffee, more like an espresso. A larger French Press would keep me from returning to the 12 cup pot, and instead I would have two very lovely cups of coffee every day. Recently at a friends house I took note of their French Press and the cosy they had over it to keep the coffee warm. They ground their beans fresh, some fair trade organic dark roast. I asked what kind but she didn’t seem to know or care. It was the best cup of coffee I had in a very long time! And for my friend it was just a normal cup of coffee. What was all the fuss about?! It’s just coffee! Ha! Not when you live in my Keurig world, my friend.

In other news, the boyfriend arrived safe and sound out west last night. He has settled into a camp where everyone seems to know his name even though he recognizes and remembers just a few of them. There are many from the Miramichi and Saint John that he thinks he must have worked with before. The room is a bit older, but clean, and it’s a shared bathroom with a guy next door, who as it turns out is also from the Miramichi, though they had never met before. The internet is a wired connection, which makes it the strongest one we’ve ever had. It’s always been satellite wifi with hundreds of men trying to use the same bandwidth. Not great for Skyping. This morning he has orientation, which is supposed to last all day, then he starts night shift tomorrow. It’s the first time he’s been on a night shift when he’s out west. With the time change, it remains to be seen how this will effect our daily communication. I have free minutes on evenings and weekends and a limited number of talking minutes during the day. So there’s always that to take into consideration.

And now the washer has stopped its cycle so I must go put the clothes in the dryer and get on with the business of the day.

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    1. Oh yes, they have some biodegradable ones on the market. These ones are my favourite because not only do they taste better than some brands but they have less packaging, less plastic. Having the Keurig has done what it was supposed to do for me, I do drink much less coffee on average. I think a cup or two every day has health benefits, but this 12 cup pot thing can’t be good.


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