Rocking the Vicks Vapo-Rub

This week is Frye Festival in Moncton. The line-up is really good this year and I had hoped I would find the money to go when the time came, but that didn’t happen. And especially where I’m going to do the WFNB’s WordSpring this year, I certainly couldn’t afford both. But now I am glad I didn’t plan for Frye because it is Wednesday and I am still sick.

The sore throat is really bad. I did go for my walk with my sister yesterday afternoon and that seemed to loosen up some of the stuffiness in my nose, and I felt a little bit better after. But by bed time I was plugged again, and my chest hurt, and my throat was so raw, and I had a dry hacking cough and could just barely speak out loud. My boyfriend was packing to go west this morning and couldn’t hear me on the phone. 

So I went to bed, but I couldn’t settle. I got up and found the Vicks rub in the closet. I rubbed some on my feet and then put on a pair of socks. I rubbed some on my chest and neck. I could breathe a bit better in a few minutes and was able to get some sleep, fitfully.

I am supposed to be going up to my parents this weekend, but maybe I need to rethink that if I’m sick and might make them sick. Maybe I’m not contagious. Maybe I will make a miraculous recovery today. Maybe I just need to get rip roaring drunk and then I will feel better. Maybe I should take an energy vitamin capsule. Maybe I should just step away from the desk and go lie down.

So many maybes … not sure which way to turn.

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