Chick Sparking


Next week my sister and I have a plan to get back on track. We’re going to start walking after work and return to SparkPeople to start tracking our eating and exercise. Just in time for this lifestyle challenge, I received my first package from the Product Review Club at ChickAdvisor. And look what it is! That is five meal replacement bars and 20 energy capsules. This could be a nice boost to my first week. Things I normally would never purchase for myself in a million years, but now I get to try them out for free. And maybe if I like them, I will become a customer. All I have to do is review them on the website within two weeks. I am excited to do that!

So this week I dusted off my Spark Activity Tracker and affixed it to the waistband of my pyjamas. My goal was just to behave normally the first day then set the intention to do at least one more step each following day. So, I wasn’t jumping straight into 10,000 steps and getting crazy discouraged when I couldn’t do it because I am so out of shape. I started on Monday with only getting 668 steps, every day I got a bit more and met that goal. Yesterday I got 2268 steps, which was nearly 1000 more than the day before. And yesterday was the most natural and unconscious day. I wasn’t purposely doing anything special to up my steps, it just happened. And for someone who works at a desk and lives in an apartment that she rarely leaves, that is a victory that I will celebrate. Today, to meet my goal all I need is 2269 steps. I will make it happen.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been doing some clothes shopping because I have some special events happening this spring and I hadn’t bought anything new in ages. I basically live in my PJs. It was a reality check to see the sizes I needed to buy. It’s easy enough to sit around all winter and grow into what used to be my super baggy extra large men’s pyjama bottoms without really noticing a change. Especially when the only mirror I have is the vanity above the sink in the bathroom. It’s much harder to deny what’s happening when you’re struggling into a 1X top, realizing the 2X would be more comfortable, in front of a full length mirror under harsh fluorescent lights. BAM! Reality crashes in real quick!

I have had a pretty poor winter. Financially. There hasn’t been much money for food. So I ate up everything that had accumulated in my cupboards. And I started couponing again. This resulted in a lot of processed food eating. A lot of starchy carbs. It’s difficult to eat healthy when you’ve just got to get what’s cheap. But I was okay with it, because like I said I was growing into men’s pyjamas and I don’t have any mirrors. The financial thing improves with spring. So now I can face reality and get back on track. I have already begun with my baby steps and I’m excited to do even more next week!

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