#3: Money Flows to Me Easily

Didn't get the numbers I want to see on Thursday, but I did have a relaxing evening where I enjoyed a bit of wine and went to Goji's.
Didn’t get the numbers I want to see on Thursday, but I did have a relaxing evening where I enjoyed a bit of wine and went to Goji’s.

Well what a week it has been! We worked a lot, putting together a whole magazine for publication starting on Monday and ending late Thursday evening. That is some kind of record for us and just goes to show what we are capable of doing when we apply ourselves. On top of that I have been cooking, tracking my food, repeating positive affirmations, listening to guided meditations morning and night, and best of all I went to see my osteopath. It was the most amazing experience ever and I don’t need to return for any further appointments!

I have seen her twice about my shoulder, appointments about a month apart. Of course she doesn’t just focus on the area causing an issue because the body functions as a whole, all parts need to operate well. At my first appointment I didn’t really know what to expect, what to address other than the obvious issue, but I went into this appointment with a different agenda. We started with me sitting across the desk from her so she could see my whole body. She said my breathing was much better than it had been the first time she saw me and this pleased her because she had worked on my lungs and it had stuck.

Woo hoo! Now that's how it's done! Had an awesome day yesterday, Friday!
Woo hoo! Now that’s how it’s done! Had an awesome day yesterday, Friday!

I told her I felt like I had three lingering emotional traumas that could be at the root of my discomfort. I had thought I had dealt with them on my own but perhaps I was wrong. I was telling her this with the thought that she would keep this in mind as she worked on me later. I thought I might even have to go into details about the events. But instead she simply cut me off and said we would release them now. I was taken a bit aback, but given the positive results I have had with her, I trust her completely, so I just went with it.

She told me to close my eyes and remember the first event in as much detail as I could. I closed my eyes and went back there in my mind. My lip started to tremble and a few tears leaked out of the corner of my eye. I could hear her whispering so softly I couldn’t make out any of her words. I went through the memory and all of a sudden I felt a weight come off my shoulder and it lifted a little. It was surreal! An actual physical reaction! When I opened my eyes she was sitting silently looking at me with a little smile on her lips. It’s gone? she asked. I was flabbergasted. Yes, I think it is, I said. She told me to close my eyes and go back there again, just to make sure. I did and this time my lip quivered a bit but there were no tears and I felt my shoulder lighten up again. When I opened my eyes she told me there had been a little bit remaining but it was gone now.

Then she asked if I was ready to go into the second event. I told her it was a big one. I closed my eyes and went there. I felt the sickness in my stomach. Tears flowed freely from my closed eyes and I sobbed out loud. I don’t know how much time passed while I revisited every nook and cranny of that memory. She spoke softly to me telling me to see the event without judgement, and she whispered more so I couldn’t hear. After awhile I opened my eyes and shook my head in disbelief … for the first time since it happened I could think of it without feeling sick to my stomach, without hearing the fear buzzing in my ears, and now I could cross my arms over my chest. Wow!

We moved on to the third event. I closed my eyes, went through that terrible day, through all the days leading up to that day, I searched my memory for the hurt, the betrayal, the anger … but I felt nothing. My eyes popped open and I blurted out that it didn’t seem to matter any more. She smiled and said once I released the big one, all the little ones connected to it would fall away. It was amazing!

Then she put me on the table and got to work. I was not 100% when I left her office, but I was at least 80% better than I had been and I will get better every day now that I have released the emotion behind it and started my body on the path to healing. I feel like a brand new person. I feel better than I have in years. I feel strong and happy and just full of optimism. She gave me some tips to help continue the healing on my own at home and said she didn’t need to see me any more.

Today’s affirmation is:

#3 Money flows to me easily.

Today I am grateful for sunshine, the view out my huge front picture window, the washer and dryer in my apartment allowing me to do a small load of laundry this afternoon, my boyfriend who is planning a special date for us this evening, my family who always love and support me, and so much more!

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