Super Saturday!

Excited and nervous to try this baby out!
Excited and nervous to try this baby out!

I didn’t blog yesterday because I slept in my bed and I slept late again (why does this have to become a trend?!) I had a lot of things on my to do list, making it a bit overwhelming. And I went shopping with my sister in the late afternoon/ early evening. I needed groceries in the worst way and I knew my sister wouldn’t be buying much this week and likely wanted to get home asap so she wouldn’t be lollygagging around the store, so I took about an hour in the early afternoon to go through the sales for the stores I knew we were going to and make a list of all the good deals.

Then I combined that list with the running list I had been keeping of things I needed to get, and then I ordered it in the same order that I would be walking through the store. Produce, bulk nuts, bread, then my natural vegan foods, etc. I had a pretty big list and I was trying to make it as efficient as possible so I could zip quickly through the store and not keep my sister waiting for me.

Yeah, that didn’t work. I think my list was just too big, I hadn’t really bought anything in over a month. Oh well, she didn’t seem too upset. At least I tried, and I was definitely much quicker and more efficient than I would have been if I hadn’t taken the time to do the research and make the list.

Most important and exciting purchase of the day … YEAST! 😀 I think I am going to try and make bread today. I am super excited and nervous to try out my new bread making machine that my boyfriend got me for Christmas. Everything that I’ve been reading in preparation (and I’ve been reading a LOT!) has said that these machines are unforgiving. Recipes need to be followed exactly or the bread won’t turn out. Altitude effects the way it turns out. We are pretty low here … I think that’s good … but I don’t know for sure. There are many many ways this could all go horribly wrong. It’s kind of scary.

I just keep remembering when one of the guys at my work in Toronto got a breadmaker and he used to bring these lovely loafs to the office every day, all different kinds, sweet, savoury, hearty, artisan, the guy was a bread-making wonder and he made it sound so easy and fun. Ever since then I have always wanted my own breadmaking machine. That was over 20 years ago. And now finally I have one and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be as easy and fun as he made it appear. I suppose it’s even more daunting because my first loaf is going to be a vegan experiment … and maybe even gluten-free … aye yi yi!

Anyhow, today I was up mega early (because I got up and went to sleep on the couch at 2 am cuz it was just too hot in bed) and the sun is shining and I have already checked almost a half dozen things off my to do list and I have lots of food to choose from to make meals today and I feel really good! It’s going to be a super Saturday! Fingers crossed for bread pictures tomorrow!

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  1. We have this exact same model! It’s actually way easier than all the warning make it out to be. Tho you are upping the difficulty level by going vegan AND gluten free. 😉

    Meant to comment like a week ago. I switched to a low carb diet back in May. Down 45 pounds. o.O Yes, it was totally carbs that were the cause of my weight. 9 pounds off in the first 2 weeks. I’m close to my goal so it’s slowed right down and I have added back some carbs.

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    1. Well I haven’t had time to try it out today, but I am more optimistic now that you’ve said it’s easier than what they’ve made it out to be. Yay!

      Wow! Congrats on the weight loss! The low carb thing really does work. It can be tricky to introduce carbs back in and find a good balance though. But if you’re taking your time, you’ve probably got it hand. I think my low carb days are over, very difficult to do in a vegan diet. I just need to stop being a junk food veg head and I think I will be okay 🙂

      Oooh, saw pics of your new house! Very cool, congrats!


  2. I wasn’t upset at all. And you neglected to say that your wonderful sister even treated you to a cheesecake cupcake after shopping 🙂 Good luck with the bread!

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