Only in My Dreams

We saw Gordon Lightfoot in concert early last spring. Photo by Sherry Sturgeon.
We saw Gordon Lightfoot in concert early last spring. Photo by Sherry Sturgeon.

I had a pretty good day yesterday. The Time Management session at work was brief but good. It turns out I have seen that video before, but it’s always good to watch again to refresh and remind yourself. I took a page of notes that I’ll perhaps transcribe and make a post out of when I have more time.

Today I am a bit short on time because I slept late. I was awake at 5 am, 6 am, 7:30 am, and even 9 am, but these super cold mornings with every joint and bone in my body aching and my bed so terribly toasty warm and comfortable … it is freaking hard to motivate myself to get up when I don’t have anywhere to be. Especially when I’m having vivid crazy dreams …

In the dream me and my boyfriend were in some sort of underground complex that was long abandoned. It was like a place where I would have grown up if something bad had happened in the world and we were forced into a bunker to live. And when I was a kid I had spent time down there but then the danger must not have been as bad as people thought it was going to be or something because we abandoned the shelter and went to live above ground at my parents house like normal. I’ve had many dreams about this place, this wasn’t the first time I’d been there. My boyfriend and I have been going there regularly in my dreams for about a month now. But this was the first time I took one of my nieces with us. She was curious and wanted to see, so we took her down.

The place has the feel of just having been lived in, like everyone just got up and left what they were doing and walked out never to return. In a big living room there is a Christmas tree fully decorated with gifts underneath. I hadn’t been in this room before but it was the one that my niece immediately found. All the gifts were for me from Mom and Dad. I wanted to open them, but my niece had seen enough and wanted to go, and my boyfriend kept saying we had to go because we were expected somewhere else. It’s like this in every dream, I always want to stay longer but somebody makes me leave.

So we left and walked through the woods to my parents’ house where a huge crowd of people were milling around outside. It was all family and neighbours. I recognized pretty much everyone but it was strange that they would all be at my parents’ place. There was a buzz, something was going on. My boyfriend knew what it was and he assumed I knew too but I didn’t, and he couldn’t tell me for some reason, in case someone overheard. There was a liquor kiosk set up around my father’s woodpile and they were selling all kinds of spirits, beer and wine. They even had this huge fancy grilling set with whiskey BBQ sauces and a bottle of the whiskey itself in a big wooden box. I noticed a few bottles of my favourite kind of red wine. But I was more curious to find out what was going on than getting a drink.

I asked my sisters, their husbands, my nephew, and they all knew something, thought I knew too, and couldn’t tell me in case someone overheard. It was infuriating. As I moved through the crowd trying to figure it out, I came across my boyfriend again and he was agitated, angry at my parents’ neighbour from across the road. “He is over there telling EVERYONE!” he hissed through clenched teeth. So then he figured he might as well tell me, since the neighbour wasn’t keeping it secret.

As it turned out Gordon Lightfoot was passing through town that night and he knew someone locally and agreed to do a small private concert somewhere, but it was sketchy where the concert was going to happen. Some speculated it would be at one of the church halls, others thought it would be in someone’s garage, nobody really knew for sure … even the neighbour telling everyone that he was coming didn’t know where exactly, just that he was coming. My boyfriend whispered in my ear that it was happening in my sister’s basement. Sure enough I looked around and I could see that most of my family had disappeared from the crowd having sneaked away to the basement to get ready for the show.

We made our way over to the woodpile to get some wine and sneak away ourselves. The huge expensive grilling set was still there but my favourite wine was not. There were only a couple of bottles left, kinds I never tried before. I picked one any way … and then I woke up.

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