7 am: Eclipse

Darkness at 7 am Wednesday October 8, 2014.
Darkness at 7 am Wednesday October 8, 2014.

So there’s a full lunar eclipse happening now, or tonight, I haven’t been able to determine for sure.

The information I read that Commander Hadfield posted on Facebook led me to believe the eclipse would be tonight as the moon rises, which would mean I would have a perfect view from my front window. But he didn’t say that, he just posted a map of the world diagram showing when it would be visible to everyone and from that diagram that’s what I discerned. I’m not always the best with graphs and charts and things, so it might not have said that at all.

Because then I read an article from one of the radio stations in NB that said it would be visible on its descent this morning, beginning around 4 am. And that puts it on the back end of my apartment where the sunsets happen, giving me no visibility to speak of at all. I was wide awake just after 4 this morning, but the chances of me actually being able to see it from my back windows were so slim I didn’t even bother to get up and try.

Moon rising over the water last night.
Moon rising over the water last night.

Regardless of when the thing happens, the important bit is that there is a full lunar eclipse happening this week AND a full moon (and apparently some kind of meteor shower, which is neither here nor there, but aren’t they happening a lot more frequently now?) and this goes a long way toward explaining my insane dream activity because I long ago figured out that I am nearly as effected by the moon’s cycle as the tides are.

Last night’s dreams were exhausting again. If I were writing a script based upon it, some reviewer somewhere would no doubt say the movie is where Three’s Company meets Friends and crosses over into Modern Family and Speed (yes, the old movie with the runaway bus). Me, Pat, and Stacy had moved into a new apartment (Three’s Company) in a building where it seemed we knew everyone, work people like Les and Terry (Friends) and family like Jenn and Jason (Modern Family). The building was in Barnettville, which appeared to be just on the outskirts of downtown Toronto. Me and Stacy went downtown for a party and on the way back our bus had an accident right at our stop at the end of Barnettville Road because our driver was missing and Stacy had sat in his seat but she was doing her nails not realizing she should drive the bus (Speed).

I don’t remember much about the party though it was a big part of the dream at the beginning. It was outside in a field, at night (though it was day when we took the bus home) and everyone was wearing Mardi Gras beads. There was a lot of mingling and dancing and after Stacy just kept saying that it was the best party we’d ever been to and we had to do it again sometime.

It was Christmas, though it had just been summer, and there still wasn’t any snow. I got Pat electronics, two things, a huge stereo and some sort of DVD player or something. He had gotten me three things that he assured me I would like but I don’t remember ever opening them to see what they were. We all gathered (friends, family and neighbours) in front of a huge television to watch all the New Year’s countdowns around the world. Ours happened at midnight, then Toronto, and then for some reason Dublin, Ireland. I was very confused by that in the dream. I kept insisting to everyone that it wasn’t the right time, Dublin was ahead of us, they would have had their New Year before us, but everyone was drunk and not interested and wouldn’t listen. It really upset me and made me wonder what was wrong in the world that Dublin’s time zone had changed for TV.

I woke up several times during the dream and went right back into it when I fell back to sleep. When I finally decided to get up I felt sore, almost like I’d been in a bus crash and got banged around. Jeeze I hope this active night life calms down a bit soon.

More than likely the soreness is actually from the dozen or so trips I made up and down the five flights of stairs to the laundry room in the basement yesterday. Laundry is by far my favourite household chore normally. I always loved it when I had a washer/ dryer in my apartment. I would do a load every second day. I never let it build up. Washed, dried, folded and put away while they were still hot. But I hate laundromats, public laundry facilities. How did I do laundry in Sackville? It’s just occurred to me that I can’t recall, did I lug things to a laundromat? I don’t remember having anything in my apartment or in the house. I must have lugged them and now I’ve blocked the ordeal from my memory.

It doesn’t help that the dryer here does not dry very well. I put it on for the maximum of 75 minutes and when it shuts off things are still wet, sometimes I check a load 3 or 4 times before it’s dry. And there’s only one washer and one dryer, so I can’t do any more laundry until that load is dry. Add in a couple of mishaps like forgetting the laundry soap upstairs, forgetting the money for the washer, forgetting the bounce sheets, even frigging forgetting the basket to bring the clothes back up once they finally dried and you start to get a real workout happening on all those stairs. Yesterday I did three loads of laundry and today I have two more to do. I let it pile up because I just dread the job. I keep hoping I will get my own washer and dryer before I have to do laundry again.

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  1. that must have been the old me, seems like I was always doing my nails. :). im having elabirate dreams too. last night i was canoing down the barnettville road, cuz it had rained so much, but i didnt see your bus!


    1. It was definitely the old you, we were all very young, like early 20’s maybe. My bus ran off the road and into the woods just past the mouth of the Barnettville Road, you wouldn’t have seen it 🙂


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