Dammit, Jack!

Television Series "24"I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix since the holidays. Right now I’m on Season 6 of 24 with Kiefer Sutherland. I had originally watched the first three or four seasons of this series when it aired on tv. I fall out of shows for a lot of reasons … I lose interest … the network changes their time slot and I just lose track of where they are … I get busy and don’t have the time to watch any more … I go through a period of not having access to any television … but with 24 I just stopped watching because it was too edge of my seat intense and I didn’t need that kind of added stress in my life.

It seems to be better this go around, maybe because I can watch more than one episode at a time so I’m not having to wait a week or longer to find out what happens next, maybe because I’m older and have been through a lot in my life so I no longer internalize Jack Bauer’s intense days. I’m quite enjoying watching the series now, at my own pace. I wonder if there was a drinking game back in the day. Every time Jack or another character yells “Dammit!”, take a shot of whiskey … I chuckle every time someone says it thinking about how sloshed I would get if I had a bottle of Jack Daniels.

I yell it with Jack simultaneously, because you can see it coming, especially by the time Season 4 rolls around. They shot eight seasons in total. By Season 6 he seems to have gotten tired of the line, I can kind of see him struggling to make it fresh or maybe the struggle is to keep it consistent … or maybe he’s just trying not to chuckle because he knew college kids all over the country would be downing shots.

I’m finishing the original series now because Jack is coming back! Yup, I’m looking forward to more Kiefer this May. Dammit, won’t that be fun!?

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