Go West! (Part IX: Vegas Day 1)

We got to Jay’s folks house and I met my in-laws in person for the first time. I probably should have been nervous and normally would have been if I hadn’t been so tired and out of sorts. I don’t really like staying in strangers’ houses, where you don’t know where anything is or what is expected of you. But I think I did okay. They seemed to like me and I liked them a lot.

We hung out for an hour or so and then Jay took me out for a drive to show me some of the sights. We drove past the Little White Chapel but we were gone by before I realized where we were so I didn’t get a picture.

Passing by the Fremont Street Experience. This is a big draw for tourists at night in particular when they apparently have amazing lazer light shows choreographed to music.
Heading toward the strip.
Circus Circus Clown peaking over a building.
Circus Circus
And again.
Trump hotel.
Treasure Island.
In front of Treasure Island; every hour or half hour or something they have a performance with sword fighting pirates, etc.
Coming up on The Mirage.
The Mirage
Mirage x2
Statue of Liberty replica in front of New York, New York.
MGM Grand
Coming up on the Tropicana.
The Mandalay Bay
Luxor pyramid; at night they light it up and shoot a lazer light from the top up into the sky that you can from anywhere in Vegas & I'm sure from out in the desert too.
Luxor monument with Mandalay Bay in background.
Egyptian monument in front of the Luxor.
Jay wanted me to take this pic of the Glass Pool sign. The motel has been torn down but the sign remains & you see it quite a bit in movies filmed in Vegas ... apparently, though I can't recall it myself, lol. There used to be a big glass swimming pool there.
Celine at Caesar's Palace.
Caesar's Palace
Donny & Marie billboard.
Fountain at Caesar's Palace.
Coming up on the Paris Hotel & Casino with replica of the Eiffel Tower.
The Bellagio
Paris with Planet Hollywood in background.
Cirque du Soleil at the Bellagio
Elvis at the Cosmopolitan
MGM Grand sign
Leaving Las Vegas sign. This used to be where the city limits & the strip ended. This isn't the only sign like this I saw several of them around where the city limits used to be.

These pics aren’t the greatest. It was still overcast & hazy, my windows were dusty from the desert drive, plus I actually was a little overwhelmed seeing all these things I’ve only ever seen on tv and in movies. But this was just a trial drive through the strip, we went back, so there are more pics to come that might be a little better.

After my quick little tour of the strip we went back to the folks neighborhood and stopped at a Safeway market to pick up a few things. Everything in Vegas, whether it’s on the strip or not, is generally open 24 hours. And almost every place has slot machines. It was kind of weird to be walking around the supermarket shopping and hear the cling cling of slots being played. The cashier was so above and beyond friendly and excitable. She was just vibrating with energy. I wondered if it was just this one woman or if this was just the way anyone working in the public was in Vegas. Over the next couple of days as we went to other stores like Walmart etc. I came to believe that everyone who works in Vegas is just conditioned and trained to be this way. The level of customer service and personalization I encountered really blew me away. Have they all taken some sort of Super Host course?! It was very noticeable to me.

After we picked up our supplies we headed back to the folks house to start on dinner. We had cleaned out our freezer when we left the camper because Jay couldn’t get the gas to kick on to run the fridge and we didn’t know if it was going to kick in eventually or not, and even if it did, we couldn’t trust that something wouldn’t malfunction. Nobody wants to come home to a freezer full of rotting meat! So we filled a cooler with chicken, steak, pork chops, etc. and we’d been hauling this thing around with us across the country. By the time we got to Vegas, a lot of things had thawed and needed to be cooked. So Thursday night Jay grilled steaks. Linda, my mother-in-law made mashed potatoes and squash.

The folks have to eat earlier than what we’re used to (around 5pm ideally) so that Linda (who needs a kidney transplant) has time to do her dialysis before bedtime. They go to bed pretty early and get up at 5am every day whether Jay’s dad, Stan, has to work or not. Stan’s also not in the best of health, he’s been battling skin cancer for years and years, then colon cancer, which led to him having to have a colonoscopy bag out his side, and recently he’s been doing chemo for cancer in his liver. This was a big part of why we chose now to visit them. Jay didn’t want to start working and then not be able to get away to visit and have the next time he saw him be at his funeral.

Dinner was great! It seems like we may have gone out & done something else after dinner for a bit, but for the life of me I can’t recall what it was or where we went. There are no pics, so it couldn’t have been anything important I guess đŸ™‚ I was just wiped out, delirious with exhaustion. We turned in pretty early Thursday night, this I do know.

Because of Linda and Stan’s various health concerns, they are ever so cold blooded. So even though it was a warm day and evening, they were running the freaking furnace in their house. Now I’m not exactly the warmest blooded person myself, I can handle some heat and pretty much always have to put on a sweater when I’m in air conditioning, but damn! That house was so hot the whole time we were there, it was unbelievable. I nearly suffocated. And that’s no lie! Poor Jay, who tends to run hot anyway, was in misery. But other than that minor complaint our visit went really well. I would sit with Linda in the living room and watch tv. Jay would sit with his dad in the John Wayne room and watch another tv. We talked. We bonded. We found out we have a lot in common. It was all good!

(…to be continued…up next more Vegas)

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  1. Justin’s dream is to stay at ceaser’s palace or the veniction hotel, should we ever get there. The MGM didn’t seem so bad either.


    1. I never saw the Venetian at all and Jay had no idea where it was though he recalled being in a place that had gondolas before. So I don’t know if we couldn’t see it for looking or what! lol I’d totally stay at the Hard Rock too, it seemed cleaner and brighter than the MGM.


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